WooCommerce for BuddyPress 1.0.5

We just published a new update of WooCommerce for BuddyPress. It’s a small update with several bugfixes, and two new added links in the wp admin bar. Check out the changelog for details.


* NEW: Added shop settings link into wp admin bar settings menu
* NEW: Added nav links to wp admin bar
* Bugfix: Shipping and payment methods were not initially visible on the checkout page
* Bugfix: Profile data did not get synchronized both ways
* Changed: Bumped minimum versions on and upwards (WP => 3.4.1, BP => 1.6.1, WC => 1.6.3)
* Changed: Replaced old WC class names with new ones
* Removed: Minimum PHP version check, as WP now requires PHP 5.2 itself

Get it here


Enjoy it :)

  1. Quint says:


    How does the member/group set up there store/product on the front-end? For example, Member A wants to set up his store and add products to his store. I have not seen any screenshots that show how this could be done on the front-end. Thank you!

  2. N.Thompson says:

    I’d like to be updated when you add the marketplace functionality for woocommerce and buddypress. Myself would like events or products created and shown public or private in certain groups. And users being able to create there own products and show it in all or just in a group. Please keep me posted as I’m highly interested in this functionality. I’ve been looking for weeks for it.

    • Avatar of konrads

      konrads says:

      Hi, the developer from WooCommerce for BuddyPress is working on it next. We assume for now that we will publish the WooCommerce-BuddyPress-Marketplace as an own plugin. Regarding the product-groups you can do some similar stuff already with our Custom Group Types plugin. It is still in dev mode and we do not recommend to use it for productive sites unless you are a developer and want to use the code ;)

      Check here for the code of CGT: https://github.com/Themekraft/BP-Custom-Group-Types

      Anyway, your input will be forwared to the developer. Have a nice weekend! Konrad

    • Avatar of josefabiosan

      josefabiosan says:

      Sorry, I read your blog and realized that other people are waiting for this feature. Would you like a premium àrea , to post a larger number of products that would purchase a premium account. please let me know josefabiosan arroba gmail.com

      • Avatar of konrads

        konrads says:

        Hi @josefabiosan,

        we are working already on the marketplace features, but we do not have something in beta to show now.

        We cannot promise a fixed date when we will be finished, but there’s something going on in our laboratories :)

        cheers, konrad

  3. donald says:

    i wanna ask i can i make some kind of hierarcy member, like site distributor, reseller, and normal buyer?

    where each if them having different product price, and can recruit one member below them? like mlm


  4. Avatar of konrads

    konrads says:

    hi donald,

    never thought about this,
    maybe it’s possible with roles management and woocommerce?
    otherwise you could do it also via coupon codes..

    ..anyway, it’s not extra integrated with our plugin or so..

    hope this helps, konrad

  5. Donald says:

    what is: roles management and woocommerce?
    did you mean the shop manager function in woocommerce?

    if it is, it’s not what I mean, I mean the different price for the product in the shop for each level, and each they got like an mlm structure (for distributor and reseller), reseller A is registered to distributor A and cant change distributor, etc

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