Custom Community 1.13 available

A fresh update to Custom Community version 1.13 is available now.
Pro and Free updates. This version fixes many reported bugs.

What has changed?

Checkout the Custom Community Issue Tracker @Gtihub to follow which issues have been resolved.

Fixed for 1.13, issues of the 1.12 series

Open issues for 1.14

New languages / updates
New language update for French – Thanks to Raoul!
New language added – Serbian now available – Thanks to Rada!

Download here

* If you purchased Custom Community already *
Simply login here and use the download link for Custom Community in the sidebar as usual. The newest update will be downloaded automatically.

Free version

The free version 1.13 is just submitted to the WP Theme Review Team for review.

For now please download the latest free version from Github here:

Thanks to everyone

…for contributing by feedback, ideas, bug reports and more!

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Custom Community 1.13 available

      • Profile photo of aniakuskowski

        Still not fixed on the regular (non-premium) version… I updated, it killed my slideshow, i read that i can fix it in the theme settings, but all i can do there is buy the premium version. I need to fix this asap…

        • Profile photo of themekraft

          Please download the latest free version 1.14 Beta 2 from Github here,
          the next free update for WP will be submitted within the next days.

          Link to Github:

          Hope this helps, Konrad

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