Default Blog Pro out now!

We just published a new premium plugin – Default Blog Pro – a must-have for all multi blog network admins.

What the plugins does

Add default settings for all new blogs created in your blog network. Create a blog and use it as a template for all new blogs you create in your WordPress Network installation.

With Default Blog Pro you can duplicate the following settings:
* Posts
* Pages
* Keywords
* Tags
* Links
* Design
* Plugins
* Menus
* Widgets


Get the plugin here:

Hope this plugin saves you a lot of time! ;)
Let us know your thoughts or ideas about this.

2 thoughts on “Default Blog Pro out now!

  1. Is this still supported and working? It’s exactly what I need but the link to get the plugin is broken….Get the plugin here:

    • Profile photo of konrads

      Hi Derek,

      I am sorry but this one didn’t made it as a premium plugin…

      Please checkout the code for free on Github

      We don’t have currently time to work on this plugin,
      but you are welcome to use it if it works out on your install.. :)

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