Fully Responsive WordPress Bootstrap Theme

Completely customize your WordPress website with easy clickable options, all with live preview. A fully responsive WordPress Bootstrap Theme, ready for your next magazine, blog or portfolio site, online shop or social network.


Ready for WooCommerce, BuddyPress and bbPress




Simplified Markup

  Easy PHP and HTML

We simplified and rethought every line of code, so child theming gets as easy as possible for you. No HTML is hidden in complex functions. Everywhere possible we avoided hooking things.

  Leaner CSS

Super lean and short CSS, around 10% of the amount that it was in versions 1.x !

  Inline Help

All theme files with detailed inline documentation with helpful comments by the theme authors.

  Work with LESS

All the LESS files are included!

  Code Readability

We take our time to polish and rethink the code. Just to make it easily readable and beautiful.



All Theme Options With Live Preview!

All theme options are integrated into the new WordPress Customizer, so you always have a live preview of your changes! You will really enjoy customizing like never before.




Ultra Lightweight Slideshow

We’ve put all our knowledge into developing a new beautiful and lightweight slider. No additional code needed than just the Bootstrap Carousel and AnimateCSS – combined with easy options, and a lot more customization possibilities than the old CC slider!





Sidebar Layouts

Setup 1, 2 or 3 column layouts with sidebars left, right, or both. And handy options to hide the sidebars on small displays like mobile phones.




Customize every detail

Use 100+ advanced theme options to customize every detail of your new site. As you know it from CC 1.x series! But few options still missing, they’re coming next.

  Google Fonts

Coming with 3 selected Google Fonts. And ready for the TK Google Fonts Extension.

  Better Readability

Reading on your new site should be fun. We put an extra focus on crisp and clear typography.


  Clean Integration, The WordPress Way

Rest assured to get your theme from two passionated WordPress Theme Experts who always work on the front. We are doing it always 100% the WordPress way.



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Thanks for all your feedback!

Big shouts to every single one writing us their personal feedback! We were really enjoying to read all these different perspectives and it was great input! You have contributed forming the new Custom Community a lot! Cheers!

Just one thing
We got most feedback via email, it would be awesome to see more people using our ideas forums



Release Dates And Current Status

Please read the latest blogpost here.



You got more ideas or still missing something?

Visit our CC2 ideas forums to add and vote for user-submitted ideas!

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Updating from CC 1.x to 2.0

We have added an update script from the old CC2 version to the new version and we hope the migration process will be as easy as possible. If you update and think, that it does not correspond with your contend of the old version and it would take to much time to conform it to your needs, you can switch back to the latest 1.x. But We hope that won’t be the case.


The New Freemium Model of Custom Community 2.0+

From Version 2.0 on, all premium features are packed into one handy plugin.

This means you will need to install the free base theme before.



Ready to integrate with the Loop Designer Plugin

Customize your post list styling and make your own post list templates available in the theme options!


CC Extensions

CC Theme Changelog

== 2.0.20 ==

  • Fixing a bug in the Color Scheme single query method (wrong variable key) and a few other smaller bugfixes.
  • Added a small internal settings backup API (mostly for safely (re)storing the theme_mods when switching / disabling the theme).
  • Updated Bootstrap to latest version (3.3.1), reduced clutter in the theme LESS source files and added some missing CSS code.
  • Fixed a few inclusion bugs in the base LESS file and recompiled the style.css file
  • Updated the stylesheet + LESS files, according to the WP theme repository requirements.
  • Partial fix of the partial import failure bug for the Customizer settings.
  • Fixed the importing, backup and restoring of the theme settings (hopefully).
  • Latest bug fixes (mostly missing sanitize callbacks for the Theme Customizer).
  • Added all required sanitize_callback calls. sanitize_js_callback calls are optional and already added where needed.
  • Adjusted and fixed the LESS scheme files. Should now include only the base bootstrap.less + the WP adjustments (located in includes/schemes/less).
  • Updated the sanitizer class (Pasteur).
  • Latest updates and changes for the Color Schemes. Added a new one, outcommented those which aint ready yet.
  • Looks like we finally found the missing “key” aka missing sanitize_callback call .. thanks @Otto42 ;)
  • Latest changes to the LESS files and stylesheets in preparation for the WP Theme Repository.
  • Fixing the stylesheets in preparation for the Theme Repository.

== 2.0.11 ==

  • Fix for the “error in 474” outdated PHP version bug; ie. removed the closure.
  • A bunchload of fixes, default theme settings (mostly for the customizer), and a bit of file reduction thanks to removal of the Bootstrap documentation (which always may be read at http://getbootstrap.com anyway).
  • A few small bugfixes for the settings backup, PLUS simple detail view of the import results.
  • Added Color Scheme files for the Default scheme.
  • Added more export / import options for the Backup & Reset Settings-script, removed the default.settings.json because of the nasty WP.org rules (= no direct file access inside theme code). Going to be replaced with a regular PHP file.
  • Updated the import and export templates of the Backup Settings-script.
  • Backup Settings: fixed the slideshow export.
  • Updated the import and export templates of the Backup Settings-script.
  • Added more export / import options for the Backup & Reset Settings-script, removed the default.settings.json because of the nasty WP.org rules (= no direct file access inside theme code). Going to be replaced with a regular PHP file.
  • Updated the import and export templates of the Backup Settings-script.
  • Backup Settings: fixed the slideshow export.
  • Got the Color Schemes default settings properly working together with the Customizer. Plus a few fixes, as usual.
  • Fix for inclusion error (development version accidently made its way into the github version).
  • Adjustments for the partial realign of the Color Scheme implementation.
  • Latest adjustments to bring the Color Schemes live.
    • == 2.0.10 ==

      • Latest changes, mostly to the Color Scheme implementation.
      • Hopefully and FINALLY got all the bugs and irks of the Color Scheme implementation and the LESS compilation ironed out.
      • Added a new color scheme plus un-weaponized the debug class.
      • Fixing the Color Scheme initialization issue.
      • Added a few more helpers for the Color Scheme implementation.
      • Bugfix for the update script (mostly).
      • Further work on the Color Scheme implementation.
      • Partial reimplementation of the Color Schemes. Plus some bug fixes.
      • Fixed the settings import function plus some minor annoyances.
      • Fixed the import settings field.
      • Latest bugfixes and enhancements to the Color Schemes.
      • Removed sourceMappingURL from headJS and others. Yet another “security through obscurity – its a feature not a bug” idioticy.
      • Improved on-demand loading of the zendesk zenbox support JS in the cc2 admin sections.
      • Replaced the pagination function call with an action hook, refactored the function itself, and did a partial rewrite of the ColorScheme implementation for better support of future enhancements.
      • Rewrote / refactored the paging function (again).
      • Fixed the pagination problem (or so I hope) by partially rewritten the used function call.
      • Finished initial implementation of the cc2 color schemes.
      • Fixed a typo on functions.php – forgot to remove the -extended suffix from the customizer include.
      • Fixed a few typos in the color scheme class include().
      • Added ConsoleDummy.js, basic color scheme handling and updated Bootstrap to version 3.2.
      • Added a few fixes and rewrote the monstrous customizer function call into a structured, section-wise class. For better bug tracking and analyzation.

      == 2.0 ==

      • final version

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