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CC Theme Changelog

== 2.0.20 ==

  • Fixing a bug in the Color Scheme single query method (wrong variable key) and a few other smaller bugfixes.
  • Added a small internal settings backup API (mostly for safely (re)storing the theme_mods when switching / disabling the theme).
  • Updated Bootstrap to latest version (3.3.1), reduced clutter in the theme LESS source files and added some missing CSS code.
  • Fixed a few inclusion bugs in the base LESS file and recompiled the style.css file
  • Updated the stylesheet + LESS files, according to the WP theme repository requirements.
  • Partial fix of the partial import failure bug for the Customizer settings.
  • Fixed the importing, backup and restoring of the theme settings (hopefully).
  • Latest bug fixes (mostly missing sanitize callbacks for the Theme Customizer).
  • Added all required sanitize_callback calls. sanitize_js_callback calls are optional and already added where needed.
  • Adjusted and fixed the LESS scheme files. Should now include only the base bootstrap.less + the WP adjustments (located in includes/schemes/less).
  • Updated the sanitizer class (Pasteur).
  • Latest updates and changes for the Color Schemes. Added a new one, outcommented those which aint ready yet.
  • Looks like we finally found the missing “key” aka missing sanitize_callback call .. thanks @Otto42 ;)
  • Latest changes to the LESS files and stylesheets in preparation for the WP Theme Repository.
  • Fixing the stylesheets in preparation for the Theme Repository.

== 2.0.11 ==

  • Fix for the “error in 474” outdated PHP version bug; ie. removed the closure.
  • A bunchload of fixes, default theme settings (mostly for the customizer), and a bit of file reduction thanks to removal of the Bootstrap documentation (which always may be read at anyway).
  • A few small bugfixes for the settings backup, PLUS simple detail view of the import results.
  • Added Color Scheme files for the Default scheme.
  • Added more export / import options for the Backup & Reset Settings-script, removed the default.settings.json because of the nasty rules (= no direct file access inside theme code). Going to be replaced with a regular PHP file.
  • Updated the import and export templates of the Backup Settings-script.
  • Backup Settings: fixed the slideshow export.
  • Updated the import and export templates of the Backup Settings-script.
  • Added more export / import options for the Backup & Reset Settings-script, removed the default.settings.json because of the nasty rules (= no direct file access inside theme code). Going to be replaced with a regular PHP file.
  • Updated the import and export templates of the Backup Settings-script.
  • Backup Settings: fixed the slideshow export.
  • Got the Color Schemes default settings properly working together with the Customizer. Plus a few fixes, as usual.
  • Fix for inclusion error (development version accidently made its way into the github version).
  • Adjustments for the partial realign of the Color Scheme implementation.
  • Latest adjustments to bring the Color Schemes live.
    • == 2.0.10 ==

      • Latest changes, mostly to the Color Scheme implementation.
      • Hopefully and FINALLY got all the bugs and irks of the Color Scheme implementation and the LESS compilation ironed out.
      • Added a new color scheme plus un-weaponized the debug class.
      • Fixing the Color Scheme initialization issue.
      • Added a few more helpers for the Color Scheme implementation.
      • Bugfix for the update script (mostly).
      • Further work on the Color Scheme implementation.
      • Partial reimplementation of the Color Schemes. Plus some bug fixes.
      • Fixed the settings import function plus some minor annoyances.
      • Fixed the import settings field.
      • Latest bugfixes and enhancements to the Color Schemes.
      • Removed sourceMappingURL from headJS and others. Yet another “security through obscurity – its a feature not a bug” idioticy.
      • Improved on-demand loading of the zendesk zenbox support JS in the cc2 admin sections.
      • Replaced the pagination function call with an action hook, refactored the function itself, and did a partial rewrite of the ColorScheme implementation for better support of future enhancements.
      • Rewrote / refactored the paging function (again).
      • Fixed the pagination problem (or so I hope) by partially rewritten the used function call.
      • Finished initial implementation of the cc2 color schemes.
      • Fixed a typo on functions.php – forgot to remove the -extended suffix from the customizer include.
      • Fixed a few typos in the color scheme class include().
      • Added ConsoleDummy.js, basic color scheme handling and updated Bootstrap to version 3.2.
      • Added a few fixes and rewrote the monstrous customizer function call into a structured, section-wise class. For better bug tracking and analyzation.

      == 2.0 ==

      • final version

Theme Extensions


We are currently creating the Custom Community 2 Documentation as a Wiki.

You can find it here:

If you are looking for the old Custom Community 1.x Documentation go here:


== 2.0.27 ==

  • menu dropdown sub menu css fix
  • add missing css to the navigation for the dropdown link color
    clean up the code

== 2.0.26 ==

  • add the api manager update script
  • add missing css to the secondary navigation options

== 2.0.25 ==

  • Fixed some smaller issues for child theme support.
  • Clean up in the Theme Customizer and add support for WordPress 4.1.1

== 2.0.20 ==

  • Fixed Customizer: Scheme switch preview
  • Fixed Customizer: Paths (style_url / style_path) for theme-config and the output preview file name are being set correctly.
  • Added some fixes for the activation/deactivation issues, and some workarounds for missing initial settings.
  • Continued work on the plugin deactivation sequence. Not every case is covered, but regular use cases are.
  • Added / updates the premium extension to reflect the changes made to the main theme. Also added a check and automatic deactivation, if the theme is currently not active.
  • Working version of the plugin. Removed obsolete or unused resources and broken LESS handler code.
  • Added “backup” mode as scheme fallback option for the customizer (backups your customizer settings after disabling the plugin).
  • Latest fixes + missing options for the Customizer.
  • Fix for the missing color scheme-slug on the very first call AFTER activating the plugin + switching to the Customizer Preview.
  • Readded navigation styling (partially working).
  • Fixed the broken color output in the customizer style preview.

== 2.0.10 ==

  • Fixed the load error. In seldom cases, another method is being called, which still had the error-causing variable set.
  • Prepared the is_theme_active check for future WP releases (4.1-bleeding-edge).
  • Slight bugfix for the customizer preview.
  • Improved plugin activation, deactivation and switch to static mode.
  • Forgot to remove and comment out some debugging data.
  • Hopefully FINALLY got all the bloody bugs and quirks for the Color Scheme and LESS compilation ironed out.
  • Fixing the Color Schemes initialization issue.
  • Started with the clean up. Commented out a few lines of direct debug calls.
  • Finished getting the Color Scheme to work inside the Customizer Preview. NOTE: Dirty version (all debug calls are still active).
  • Contiued Color Scheme / LESS implementation. lessphp.php is not in use anymore. Updated __debug class with logging function to better debug AJAX / background functions.
  • Continued effort to finish the Color Scheme / LESS compilation.
  • Manual regeneration with the new Color Scheme works.
  • Intermediate state of the Color Schemes / LESS compiler reconception.
  • Fixed a wrongly set default value.
  • Partial rewrite of the ColorScheme implementation. Includes prototype of cc2pro_ColorScheme class, which replaces the regular static one if the plugin is activated.
  • Updated lessphp to the latest version AND added a hotfix, which reverses the variable merging order and thus makes the changed variables actually work!
  • Changing to the oyejorge less.php port makes all work again.
  • Reworked the less compiler section a bit.
  • Adding custom script hooks plus fixing the widget CSS fuckup.
  • Full debug class. Whyever bitbarf doesnt get it ..
  • Added all widget theme mods to the style.php etc.
  • Lots of fancy options added to the THeme Cusmizer ;)
  • Added additional filters for addressing several customizer settings.

== 2.0 ==

  • final version

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