Publish. Together.

Let your users write posts on your site, right from the front-end. With standardized WordPress front-end editor, full moderation and revision control, and easy form builder. Setup within minutes or use it for complex sites.

Do you really have the time to be posting and updating your blog everyday? Didn’t think so… BuddyForms is a premium plugin that allows your users to write, edit and upload posts, images, video, & just about any other content to your site, right from their BuddyPress Member Profile!

Once you download the plugin, it’s super simple to setup: All you have to do is drag-and-drop to build the form your users will be submitting on the front-end.

…with full moderation and revision control feautures.
It doesn’t matter how complex or big your site is, BuddyForms can handle ALL of your user-generated content.

Build forms with an easy Form Builder. The easy way to bring your existing plugins into the BuddyPress ecosystem and make it accessible for your users right from their profile.

For Any Post Type

Choose which post type should be created when users submit your form. Turn any custom-post-type based WordPress plugin into a collaborative publishing tool and let your users do the dirty work of adding content for you! Perfect for online magazines, blogs, directories, stores, FAQ’s… you name it. Easy Form Builder Create and customize forms on the fly with easy drag and drop editing. No coding necessary.

You get all the necessary elements like Text Fields, Email Input, Checkboxes, Dropdowns and more.

Form Elements
The custom form builder provides the following elements to create your custom post forms:

Form Elements

The custom form builder provides the following elements to create you custom post forms:

Classic Fields

  • Text
  • Textarea
  • Link
  • Mail
  • Dropdown
  • Radiobutton
  • Checkbox

Post Fields

  • Taxonomy
  • Hidden
  • Comments
  • Post Status
  • Featured Image
  • File
  • AttachGroupType

You can choose how your members create, manage and edit their posts. Full control of the publishing process with reviews and revisions.

Moderation and Revisions

You can choose how your members create, manage and edit their posts. Full control of the publishing process with mail notifications, reviews and revisions.

When is it the right choice for you?

As soon as you plan a WordPress site where users should be able to submit content from the front-end, BuddyForms gives you these possibilities for a wide variety of uses.

For example for all kinds of magazines, blogs, stores, online-portals, FAQs,…

Also, if you look for the possibility to let your users create, edit and manage their posts from the front-end, with full moderation and revision control, BuddyForms enables you to do exactly this.

Templates for BuddyForms

The default templates needed for BuddyForms integrate seamlessly into any WordPress Theme.
You can override these templates by adding them to your theme and modifying.
All stuff about Theming is documented in the BuddyForms Knowledge Base.

Extensive Documentation and Support

All code is neat, clean and well documented (inline as well as in the documentation).
The BuddyForms Documentation with many how-to’s is following now!
If you still get stuck somewhere, our support gets you back on the right track.

Planning a complex site?

If you are a developer and you plan a complex site, BuddyForms is the tool you can use for sites like larger-scaled marketplaces that should be connected with a BuddyPress community.

For example where companies or products can be BuddyPress groups with all the power of BuddyPress and its plugins (like FAQ or Forums for Products and many more possibilities). You can attach all custom post types to BuddyPress elements with the BuddyForms extensions for BuddyPress members and groups.

You can turn any custom-post-type based WordPress plugin into a BuddyPress plugin!

The Extensions

members-banners-772x250BuddyForms Member Profiles

Make it easy for Members

BuddyForms Members allows them to write, edit and upload just about anything directly to your site – posts, images, videos & other content – straight from their BuddyPress Member Profile – quick, easy, done!
Language support –  full gettext string translation to support different languages.

groups-banners-772x250BuddyForms AttachPosts

Grow those Groups

BuddyForms AttachPosts- when a pre-assigned post is submitted, this handy extension automatically creates a new BuddyPress group for it and attaches that group to the post. With BuddyForms, user-submitted posts can become a BuddyPress group, with all the included functionality and endless possibilities groups can offer.
Language support –  full gettext string translation to support different languages.

posttopost-banners-772x250BuddyForms Posts2Post

Connect & Link

BuddyForms Posts 2 Posts create complex connections and post relationships across your site. From posts to pages or to users all the Posts 2 Posts Plugin functionality is in your BuddyForms Form Builder available.
Language support –  full gettext string translation to support different languages.


BuddyForms Hook Fields

Hook those Fields

Hook your BuddyForms form fields via a range of options and display them anywhere you want them on your site. BuddyForms Hook Fields maintain your WordPress field types (such as links, categories, text etc.) and displays them however and wherever you’d like them to appear. All totally customisable – you decide exactly what to show and what to hide.
Also – Mail Notification: We added mail notification settings to the form builder, where you can decide which elements generate notifications and easily filter them.
Roles and Capabilities Management – you’re now able to manage these for every form separately.
Language support –  full gettext string translation to support different languages.

60 Days Money-Back Guarantee

If you find out at one point that BuddyForms is not the right plugin for you, just tell us and we will refund you the product! Get your money back – within 60 days after your purchase.


BuddyForms Extensions


** Install like any other WordPress theme/plugin. **

Upload via WordPress Backend: 

  1. Go to your backend to Plugins/Themes -> Add New
  2. Click on “Upload”
  3. Select the plugin/theme from your computer
  4. Upload and activate it!

That’s it!

…or upload via FTP:

Upload the unzipped plugin folder to wp-content/plugins


Upload the unzipped theme folder to wp-content/themes

More Help

Check the Details readme file for customization and further instructions.

Read the WordPress Installation Guide for further informations.


== 1.3.2 ==

  • check if the form is broken and if some fields are missing do not add it to the adminbar
  • add new filter bf_form_before_render
  • cleanup the code
  • small clean up of readme.txt Props @rugwarrior
  • fixes small issues in the error handling
  • Added German translations. Props @rugwarrior
  • Revised PO/MO files for changed source files. Props @rugwarrior
  • Fixed typo revison -> revision. Props @rugwarrior
  • Started making admin.js translatable. Props @rugwarrior
  • Fixed some typos.
  • Made more strings translatable.
  • add missing translations. Thanks to Milena to point me on this !

== 1.3.1 ==

  • Fixed a bug in the taxonomy default form element

== 1.3 ==

  • Add new check if the user has the needed rights before adding the form to the admin bar
  • Create new function bf_edit_post_link to support new capabilities in the front end
  • Switch from chosen to select2
  • Add new error message to logged off users
  • Clean up debugger notice
  • Optimised the link rewrite function
  • Fixed form submit not working on mobile
  • Add new filter for then shortcodes button
  • Add new shortcodes to tynymce
  • Rewrite the Shortcodes
  • Changed plugin uri
  • Add new filters to manipulate the edit form id
  • Add a jQuery to make different submit buttons possible
  • Add post_parent as parameter
  • Fixed a bug in the error handling
  • Small css changes
  • Clean up the code

== 1.2 ==

  • create new form elements for title and content
  • 3 new form elements: date, number and html
  • add wp editor options to the form builder in the content element
  • fixed editing BuddyPress js issues
  • fixed shortcode over content issues
  • update chosen js to the latest version
  • add media uploader js
  • change split to explode
  • load the js css only if a buddyforms view is displayed
  • css fixes
  • restructure code
  • create an update script for the new version
  • make it possible to enter tags comma separated
  • spelling correction
  • add german language files

== 1.1 ==

  • add language support
  • add featured image as form element
  • add file form element
  • add ajax to delete a file
  • fixed a pagination bug
  • only display the post type related taxonomies in the form element options
  • add translation textdomain “buddyforms”
  • rebuild the add new form screen
  • remove unneeded form elements from add form screen
  • add mail notification settings
  • add mail notification system to buddy forms
  • add date time form element for post status future
  • spelling session
  • ui design
  • Settings page Add Ons rewrite
  • add new settings page for roles and capabilities
  • cleanup the code
  • fixed bugs
  • add new default option to taxonomy form element
  • add Italien language

== 1.0.5 ==

  • rename hook buddyforms_add_form_element_in_sidebar to buddyforms_add_form_element_to_sidebar
  • spelling correction

== 1.0.4 ==

  • remove unneeded html

== 1.0.3 ==

  • editing your pending/draft posts from the frontend.
  • fixed some css issues

== 1.0.2 ==

  • remove old button for community forum
  • add some new filter

== 1.0.1 ==

  • catch if create a new post_tag is empty
  • metabox rework

== 1.0 ==

  • first release

Pre-sales Questions

If you have any question, just leave us a message and we will come back to you shortly.

Single Site License 59


  • 1 Year Product Updates
  • 1 Year Premium Support

5 Sites License 99


  • 1 Year Product Updates
  • 1 Year Premium Support

15 Sites License 169


  • 1 Year Product Updates
  • 1 Year Premium Support