Back in the WP Theme Repository!

Yeah, finally we are back in the WordPress Theme Repository!

It’s been many weeks now since we got kicked out of the repository and after a long exhausting theme review journey and endless discussions, the last ticket has finally been approved.

A BIG Thanks at this place again to all the people who helped us reviewing the ticket, especially Mercime, who reviewed a real monster diff with tons of changes we made to our theme!

Now you can find it here again:

So what’s new?

The newest version is a complete rework of the theme before.
Clean, stable, improved CSS and faster load times. And loads of new options.

All new changes are made for both, pro and free version.
The changelog is the same.

Tip: Do not read the complete changelog at once – you might feel dizzy. :)


  • new options for each sidebar (left and right):
  • sidebar width
  • sidebar background colour
  • sidebar background image and repeat
  • new option to define the website width. Also fluid layout
    (in %) is possible now! new default width is 1000px instead of the old
    1030px (you can switch back if you like by defining 1030)
  • added 3 new options for subtitles (h3-h6): font style, font colour
    and font weight
  • new option to define the font style of the widget titles in
    the sidebars
  • added 2 new widget styling options: capitalizing the lists and
    widgettitles can be turned on/off
  • added “full width” possibility as default sidebar position
  • fixed link colour logic in some points
  • added new options for link styling:
    • link hover color
    • buddypress subnavigation colour adapting
    • underline (only when mouse over, always, never, just when normal)
    • link background color
    • link background hover color
    • link styles adapting for the titles (h1-h6):
      • just link colour and hover colour
      • the underline effects too
      • the background colours too
      • all styles
      • just the link colour
  • slideshow css tweaking
  • comments area css tweaking
  • vertical lines are now realized via two divs instead of an image!
  • added a new option to define the color of the vertical lines
  • added 4 new options to define the height, background colour,
    background image and repeat of the overall footer (so far you could
    just change this for the footer widgets)
  • a default featured image for the slideshow if no one is set
  • new option to make the header/footer full width
  • added a new menu style: “bordered” with border top and bottom…
  • added a new slider shadow: “sharper shadow”
  • added a new option block “default homepage” with 3 new options in the general tab:
    • show/hide the avatars in the post listing of your default homepage
    • show/hide the date/category/author in the post listing of your
      default homepage
    • new post listing style for the default homepage: bubbles
  • menu bug IE7 fixed
  • redesign of the search view results
  • border for images in listposts just for class=”wp-post-image”
  • slideshow bugs for selected-items image fixed
  • color corrections in color schemes for buddypress subnav bg color,
    menu and slideshow items
  • single post view: when hide avatar is selected, the post content had
    still too much space left; fixed
  • fixed friend request listing
  • fixed spacing in archives view
  • menu background color for current and hover can be set to
    transparent now
  • menu background image and repeat for the current menu item: was
    broken somehow, fixed
  • fixed full width template (custom container background images
    disappeared when full width template was selected)
  • italic text via was not displayed italic before, fixed
  • text color changing in forms fixed
  • fixed another css bug in list-posts-function “mouse over”
  • css improvement for the WordPress standard blockquotes (the ones you
    choose via visual editor)
  • improved css of the blockquote shortcodes and added a class
    “cc_blockquote” to the span tag that is created when using the
    blockquote shortcode for more blockquote styling options
  • improved css of the facebook like-button shortcode
  • reduced some more inline styles in functions
  • fixed profile and group sidebar options (caused conflicts with
    custom container backgrounds)
  • added a new option to disable the vertical lines in the container if
    someone likes
  • fixed a bug in sidebar.php: the bp login widget should just appear
    when no other widget is dropped into that area
  • profile sidebar widget CSS tweaking


Thanks for everybody using the theme and help making it better!

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