Bob’s Shooting The Tube Deal

bobs_dealBob just commented this morning, that he was so sad he missed out the last special deal. That was when Custom Community became a Featured Theme and we were celebrating this for two weeks. Now, when I woke up and read his comment…

I wrote him…

Things happened. Now we have Bob’s Tube Deal running.
And you can take advantage from this the next 2 weeks!

Here’s the Deal.

Get 50% discount on ALL Themekraft Products in our Store the next 2 weeks.

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Here is Bob.

Bob-Surfing“I am a 62 year old surfer who has recently retired and attempting to build WP skills and build a business concept around WP.

I have not developed any appreciable php/HTML/css skills yet, so I have been looking for themes and plugins that will get my business concept demonstrable. It will be a WP multisite implementation with BuddyPress. Many sites that are focused on the surfing community with the intent of aggregating data at the main site.

Custom Community seemed to get me a good percentage of what I was looking for in a theme. A lot of customization and fine tuning, that is laid out in a methodical way. I have yet to look at the code to see if it is easy to follow, but if it is consistent with what I have seen so far, I expect it will be easy to follow. A nice selection of page templates and widget areas. I wish it were grid based but it still looks pretty good with much of what I want out of the box. The fact that it is supported by a good community, with responsive technical support was important to me. Out of the box multisite and Buddypress with what seems to be a steady revision history, keeping it current with WP 3.5 is important and a solid set of reference accounts.”

A big project…

We wish you succes creating the site like you expected! If you have any questions write our support team or browse the knowledge base. Also you can get a lot of helps for WordPress and BuddyPress related issues in the WordPress forums and BuddyPress forums..

Do YOU have something to tell or ideas? Let us know!


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