BP WC Vendors will become a free/pro Plugin

With this blog post we want to inform existing users of the Free BP WC Vendors Plugin about an important change.

With BP WC Vendors you are able to build a highly customizable BuddyPress driven marketplace. This plugin integrates your WooCommerce shop, your BuddyPress social network and your WC vendors plugin. All WC Vendor dashboard tabs get integrated into the BuddyPress Member Profiles.

At the moment this plugin is free and only works with the pro version of wc vendor.

Sadly it turned out that many our customers complained about that solution which is why we want to make a momentous change.

A small plugin that we needed for a client’s project and gave away for free to the community has now 400 active installs and we expecting it’s growing.

We’re experiencing being out of balance as the plugin is completely free and the support increases significant as people want us to maintenance the plugin and update it regularly.

We have not enough resources to keep it a priority that way. With the growing user base and the ever changing WooCommerce the maintenance is not handleable anymore.


We have two options.

1. Drop The Plugin and remove it from the repository


2. Making a free and a pro version out of it to generate an income stream which we’ll use for the maintenance and development.


We go for the second solution

The dramatical but logic change that we will have to do is making the free plugin work with the free version and the pro plugin work with the pro version of WC Vendor.

This means that all users using the pro version would need to buy the plugin which costs 95 $.

We understand that it will frustrate some users but it’s the only way we can maintain an awesome plugin with a great support, sustainable in the long run.

We will grandfather in all old users with a huge 50% DISCOUNT.


See it as a small crowdfunding campaign

Gain the 50% discount for the pro version and further enjoy our service.


This is where your money goes:

We will use the money 100% for development into the plugin. By informing you early on we want to give you time to confirm with our changes.

For those who use our services we believe you will understand. Think about it, you might be even appreciate that we are interested in going for the long run feeling motivated maintaining a serious marketplace for business owners and BuddyPress users. We hope for your understanding. The plugin is an important component being maintenanced from a company under a paid and SUPPORTED plan.

Don’t forget to grab your 50% discount!

Your ThemeKraft Team


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  1. Hi, ok. I think that it is fair that you want people to pay for this. My question then becomes, do you plan to add WooCoommerce 3.0 support for this paid version and if so, when will occur?!

    • Hi Marc, thanks for your feedback. Yah WooCommerce Version 3 support will be added. Its one of the reasons we change to free/pro. To have more resources for the ongoing maintenance and to make sure new WooCommerce versions are supported on time without a delay.

      We plan the release for the beginning of next week.

      • Hi Sven, I am a current user of the BP WC vendors plugin and am interested in purchasing the pro version as soon as possible. How might I go about purchasing this and receiving the 50% discount off of the $95?

        Thanks so much for your time.

        • Hi Beth, thanks for your interest. We do not offer a pre sell jet. We are still working on the final version. We will write a blog post and sent out a newsletter as soon as the beta version is available for testing.

          • Hi Sven,
            Thanks for your response. (Forgot to mention that I am also a current user of WC vendors pro.)

            I look forward to the new BP WC Vendors pro version being available for purchase and will watch for the blog. I will sign up for the newsletter as well to keep informed. Thank you.