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BuddyForms is recognized in the market as a powerful content generator and form generator, so we invite you to discover and use BuddyForms Contact the Author.

With BuddyForms it’s possible to create contact, registration and even email forms. It’s perfect for user-submitted content.

It’s even perfect for beginners, because it has ready-made form templates, so they only have to be dragged and dropped, and have full control over the content that the user submits. In this way, the submitted content can be received, collected, processed and published.

Now, in the case of developers, BuddyForms and all of its products are ideal, it allows them to take advantage of filters and forms in a personalized way, in order to manage everything that’s needed in this regard.

In the case of BuddyForms Contact the Author is invaluable for any website, with forms that motivate conversions and immediate contact, so users can make contact in a publication, article or any other type of content on your website.

The best thing is that this type of add-ons on a website increases organic traffic and interaction between users and the brand.

More ease and convenience for everyone

The first thing you need to know is that to enable and use this plugin on your website, you need to have BuddyForms Professional.

The are many benefits and BuddyForms Contact the Author is really worth having.

With this add-on, you make everything easier for the user, because they don’t need to register to contact the brand or the author of a publication directly.

You can locate a button, where the user clicks to then see how a pop-up window with the contact form is displayed. This pop-up window can be designed with the colors and elements of the brand to generate a positive experience.

On the other hand, with BuddyForms Contact the Author it’s possible to access to already predefined email templates, which means that you won’t have to create the forms from scratch.

Simply define the subject and reusable message in the form builder. You can also rely on short codes in the text of the message.

Use BuddyForms Contact the Author and establish a relationship with your potential clients

We invite you to take into account this important complement that will give more functionality to your site, allowing you to get closer to your potential customers and make them able to relate to the brand.

Such a relationship also generates commitment. A user who has the opportunity to leave questions, concerns, opinions, but who also finds answers to their comments, is one who will feel loyalty to your brand, therefore, they will become a customer and an ambassador.

With this add-on the user won’t have to register, which decreases the bounce or abandon rate.

You need to work on the UX, or user experience, to make sure you place the button to fill the form at the correct levels in order to increase conversions.
With this type of complement, you can also start an e-marketing campaign, because you will have a database of users who have shown interest in the brand.

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