BuddyForms – First Beta Available

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The first Beta versions of BuddyForms and BuddyForms Members are available now.

It’s a Beta release for interested developers and users who want to play with the plugin and see what we have built so far. For now the plugin comes with limited functionality.

You can create and edit forms in the backend. In the frontend users can create and edit posts right out of their members profiles. Also moderation control and revisions are working already.

Now it’s time to play around and give us feedback about the logic, missing features, issues and so on.

Download now!

Below are two download links. One for BuddyForms, the core plugin, and the Members Extension to display, create and edit posts right in the BuddyPress member profiles.

BuddyForms 1.0 Beta 2

Download BuddyForms

BuddyForms Members 1.0 Beta 2

Download BuddyForms Members

Bugs and Feature Requests

There are unfinished parts and of course there are unknown issues we need to find and fix. For issue submitting I have added a button for the Beta into the admin to submit issues right from the plugin settings page.

Screenshot Previews of Backend and Frontend

Here are some screenshots of the plugin settings UI and how it looks in the frontend.

Backend Preview

The Main Setup Page for BuddyForms.

BuddyForms - First Beta Available 1

Edit your forms easily with the Drag and Drop Form Builder.

BuddyForms - First Beta Available 2


Frontend Preview

Users can create AND edit their posts right from their member profiles!

BuddyForms - First Beta Available 3

All posts by the user are listed in his members profile. With moderation status!

BuddyForms - First Beta Available 4


Roadmap for 1.0 Beta 2

1. Localization
Not all strings are ready for translation

2. Mail forms
Mail forms are not ready to use and need to be developed next.
For now only post forms for post creation and editing.

3. Shortcode generator
The shortcode generator for adding your forms in the WP editor needs to be finished.

4. Edit form
The edit form without BuddyPress needs some more logic.

5. Edit Link in the Frontend
There is no link in the frontend available for editing a post. It’s working from the url, but there is no link in archives and single view . This needs to be build later when the logic of the edit form is ready and will not change any more.

6. Form import/export

7. Notification center for review workflows


More about BuddyForms

We’re just building a new website on buddyforms.com.
More content is coming very soon.

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What do you think?

Let us know your thoughts on this! Please comment below.



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