BuddyPress 1.5 and Custom Community Theme

BuddyPress 1.5 beta is out now. Time for us to check out what’s new and update the theme to provide the upcoming version. The official release of BuddyPress 1.5 is planned for end of August.

After a first test round, we have found quite a lot of new and exiting stuff:

The activity stream is completely reworked and much more usable now. To support the new activity stream from bp 1.5 is on top of our list and will hopefully finish on time.

Next new and important change is the new tab “forum” in the profiles. From 1.5 on you will have your forum topics listed in your profile under “forum”. We are already building our own templates, to bring the new profile forum nicely integrated into the Custom Community theme.

There have been minor and major changes all around the bp default theme and we are now on the way to find all the changes and bring it into the new version.

The data structure has changed and some parts of the theme stopped working.
For example, the rewrite and reorder of the profile and groups menu is broken and needs to be fixed.

All in all we are excited about the new BuddyPress version and looking forward to start working with it.

If you have time to play around with the new bp 1.5 beta and Custom Community, you are very welcome to report your experiences here. Please write every bug or suggestion here as comment in the article.

It will help us a lot to provide you all with a smooth update of BuddyPress and the Custom Community theme ;-)

Did we miss something which needs to be fixed in the theme for BuddyPress 1.5?

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  1. Servus!
    Ich möchte ein Projekt mittels Buddypress und einem Eurer Themes umsetzen.
    Jetzt stellt sich die Frage: mit den aktuellen Versionen anfangen und in evtl. 4 Wochen Buddypress und Theme updaten oder lieber warten, bis die Final steht und dann erst beginnen?
    Würde mich über eine Antwort freuen.


    • Hi Udo,

      wenn du Zeit hast ist es bestimmt nicht schlecht noch ein wenig zu warten, ansonsten kannst du auch mit der 1.2.9 und unserem Theme schonmal entwickeln, vor dem Update brauchst du keine Angst zu haben.

      Viele Grüße,

  2. I just purchased you Custom Community Pro theme because I liked the flexibility of the design and I believed it to be a buddypress compatible theme. You advertise that this theme is buddypress compatible, but I got a fatal error when I activated the buddypress plugin. The plugin is disabled now. That is the only way that I was able to keep my website up online. What is the correct way to use buddypress with your CC Pro theme?

    • Do you use BP template packs? if so, you won’t need it since it’s a BuddyPress ready theme.

      What is the error message? Do you use BP 1.5? The version for BP 1.5 will be ready very soon.

      have a nice day, konrad

  3. Great news! A CC Pro adapted to BP 1.5 . I installed BP 1.5 beta 3 on a test site with CC Pro 0.51.

    * In profile: Forum tap is empty (as expected)
    * Time stamp in activity stream in profile / groups is not aligned correctly towards right
    * Would be great to have the same “view more” AJAX effect as on the BP 1.5 vanilla theme. Now CC Pro opens a new page.

  4. This is definately great news, I am currently testing the buddypress 1.5 and most themes will need some tweaking to support it fully.

    Will try to make an update when I have discovered and done all changes.
    Best regards

  5. Hi @All, thanks for the feedback.

    We are currently testing the buddypress 1.5 compatibility in the free version on github to make the development and bug report easy.

    Most bugs are already fixed in the current version. Please test the github version and let us know if something is still broken or new bp features are missing.

    As soon the free is ready, we will build a new pro from that.

    New Dev Version to test: https://github.com/Themekraft/Custom-Community

    Bug report go here please: https://github.com/Themekraft/Custom-Community/issues

    Thanks a lot for all your help,

  6. Hi!! thanks for the greatest theme for buddypress, I love it! with the update of 1.5 I found a problem with the reply form on activity stream, it doesn’t appear on the second and consecutive replies, it seems to be only working for the first reply on the activity.
    I’ve already try disabling every plugin and same problem, back to default bp theme and it works fine with all the plugins enabled, don’t know if anyone else has this bug?

  7. hi @svenl77 : when will buddypress 1.5 compatible custom community theme launched??? i jus love ur theme like anything, after using it, i cant go for any other theme for my community site @ http://www.community.sofisdelicia.com … donno wot to say more… u guys have done a great thing… would love to know if you guys have set a launch date for new buddypress 1.5 compatible custom community theme pack…


  8. hey @svenl77 i jus faced 2 issues in using custom community theme…. i donno whether dis is the place and also donno whether its a bug or not…. but please see to it aslo before launching updated custom community theme here come they :-
    1) DELETE button after “reply” and “favourite” is not visible in activity stream… and hence my users cannot delete their status or their activity updates… i can see “reply” and “favourite” buttons… Only “DELETE” button is missing…

    2) link “buddypress admin bar> my account> settings” is not working… donno where or what i should do… made login header bar to “ON” in THEME settings… still not working…

    hope you wont mind if this is the wrong place to pint this… nyway gud job till now brother… GODSPEED….


  9. I am using the free version, and am trying to upload my own header image. It says that it is succesfully uploaded, but all I can see is the custom community logo