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Getting jSON Data with PHP (curl method)

For a customer project, we needed to do a jSON query with PHP. So I searched the web for a tutorial how to do, but I’ve found much about the PHP jSON functions, but not much how to make requests to jSON interfaces with PHP. So I try to explain you how it works. Sending […]

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Spam in Buddypress

If it comes to Spam in Buddypress, I’m sure nobody has a 100% solution to offer. Some users in this forum ask me for help, so I will let you know what I do. It is a never ending story, but with a combination of different tricks and plugins, I have got my BuddyPress installations spam […]

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Customize profile and group menus in BuddyPress

This is a short article about menu tweaking in profiles and groups. It took me a while to find all the answers, that’s why I bring all together here, so you do not need to search again. Starting with the profiles 1. Change the menu order in the profile If you like to change the […]

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