CC Pro Version 0.7 out now

Custom Community Pro version 0.7 is out now!

We fixed all bugs reported by the Community and tested over and over again. A lot of problems especially with the slideshow and listpost functions have been fixed. And the annoying IE menu bug, cheers to Renate again on this place ;)

Get the pro version here:

Free version

The free version is also just updated to 1.8.8 and waiting for review.

See the ticket on here:

Thanks to the community

Thanks a lot for all the help! Without the help of the community we wouldn’t be here now. If you notice any strange issues please let us know in the forums or directly in our issue tracker @ Github.

Issue Tracker @ Github

If you have found a bug in our theme and want to make sure it will be addressed by a developer, the best way is to create us a ticket in Github.

New Feature Requests

We hope you enjoy the new version! If you miss something or have any ideas how to make Custom Community better you are more than welcome to share and discuss your ideas with us.

The best way is to create us a ticket in Github labelled as “New Feature Rquest”.

Here is an overview of all feature requests:

What’s coming next?

We don’t know yet when exactly we will have all done, but these will be the next steps:

Thanks to all people helping us to translate Custom Community. The translations will be integrated with the next version (sorry for those waiting – we just missed it to integrate them for this version, all languages will be there with next version, promised! ;) ).

Jigoshop Theming
We will create Jigoshop template files with several theme settings. There will also come some child themes for Jigoshop and BuddyPress next, based on Custom Community Pro.

As soon as the framework is completely integrated we will rework and improve the theme settings page. Then there will come some cool CSS functions, for example the 1-click child theme generator and just cool stuff that will make your life a lot easier again! :)

Thanks for using our theme and helping to make the theme better – we hope you enjoy it!

And thanks to all the people supporting us so amazingly! Cheers!

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  1. CentralOverland says:

    I already have CC Pro and just want the update. Matter of fact, I just bought it a few days ago. Now there’s this update. How do I download it without paying another $70? Thanks.

  2. Hi centraloverland,

    sorry for your discomfort. Your download should be in your profile under shop / history.

    I just checked your download rights and all seems to be ok.

    We have some conflicts with our old customers and the new shop system, but we are working on it right now and it should be fixed soon.

    If someone have download problems, please contact us.

    We are looking forward to have it fixed by tomorrow.

    Thanks for your understanding

    Your themekraft team

  3. What exactly has been changed? I have had several issues with widgets and post types not functioning as described and the response in the forum has been “it’ll be addressed in the next release”. So what’s been changed?

  4. downloaded new version, but when trying to install get the error that the folder already exists. installed version still 0.6?
    Any help, please?

  5. hi I bought the CC pro 4th october 2011, I received the below email :

    Thank you! You’ve been updated to:
    Custom Community Pro, 6 months access, non-recurring

    I ask for an invoice but I don’t have answer, so I also look to update the cc pro 0.7 but it dosent appear on the shop/history

    sorry for my bad english ! thank you for your help