Christmas and New Year Holliday Special

Merry Christmas to all of you! We hope 2015 was an exiting year for you and you will have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year! was born in 2015 and you all make it a success for us. We want to THANK YOU with a Happy2015 discount of 40%.

Use Happy2015 during checkout and get a 40% discount on all purchases.

2015 Year in Review

BuddyForms was launched on August, 7, 2015. Just in time to the first BuddyCamp Europe in Briton ;). The BuddyCamp was great and we enjoyed being there and got many feedback for BuddyForms.

After the BuddyCamp till now our focus was 100% on BuddyForms Core and Review/Moderation functionality. We used the first feedback after the launch to rethink , rebuild and spent all attention on the BuddyForms plugin itself to make it solid and extendable.

Many users ask for extensions like ‘Post in Groups’ and many more and we hear your voice. We wanted to make all solid proved before building extensions.

Last week we released the new version we have worked on in the last 5 month after the BuddyCamp. It’s all done now and we are back to normal after a huge marathon.

What’s Next in 2016
BuddyForms is ready for extensions now and so we are.

2016 will be the year of extensions. From the BuddyCamp on we got requests of extensions and add it to our list. We have been blocked all the time but now with the new Version of BuddyForms we are ready to start.

Just last week we created a new GitHub for BuddyForms to have all the extension development transparent end centralised. So everyone can follow and jump in ‘report bugs’, ‘feature request’ etc.

If you can’t find the extensions you are waiting for in the list of GitHub repositories, let us know in the comments or write us a ticket in the support section.

Any feedback is WELCOME.

We wish you a super great Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Your BuddyForms Team


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