Content Forms vs Contact Forms

BuddyForms is a content forms plugin, it’s completely different from a traditional forms plugin such as GravityForms or Ninja Forms.

BuddyForms is focused on building forms for publishing content. Allow your members to publish content from the front-end.

GravityForms, Ninja Forms, and other similar plugins are built exclusively to work as contact form plugins that integrate with the leading email marketing providers, the ability to create content forms for publishing and editing are done by extensions, and the functionality is limited.

BuddyForms is built as a Front-End CMS for your User Generated Content and is focused on being integrated with other WordPress plugins, rather than 3rd party services. BuddyForms wants to enable its customers to use any existing WordPress plugin and integrate it into the front-end.

See the following list of extensions built for BuddyForms vs. built for other contact form plugins.

Typical extensions for contact forms plugins:

MailChimp, SalesForces, Basecamp, Slack, and other similar service providers.

BuddyForms Extension:

BuddyPress, Ultimate Member, WooCommerce, ACF (Advanced Custom Fields), Types, Custom Post Types UI, Pods, Post 2 Post, and the list is growing. Any kind of Post Type related plugin.

BuddyForms provides the same tools you would expect from a true Front-End CMS platform:

Moderation, revision control, post status change notification system, roles and capabilities to specify who can and who can’t publish content.

We are working hard to provide the necessary integrations and plugin support for other exciting WordPress plugins, and our goal is to support as many WordPress content plugins as possible. We are happy to add your own favorites to the to-do list if you drop us an email.

BuddyForms works with any custom post type plugin and extends your existing plugins with Front-End CMS functionality. You can use BuddyForms standard alone, no other plugins needed but the full power is in combination with other plugins and the integration like BuddyPress, Ultimate Member, WooCommerce and many more.

We plan to build a contact form extension and make the use of BuddyForms for your contact forms possible. This is actually an easy step and will make other form builder irrelevant if you use BuddyForms on your site. But the real power of BuddyForms is to take care of the many different needs a real publishing solution is in need of.

How do you use BuddyForms? Let us know!

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  1. Great post Sven! Hammer the differences out of the park!

    Also, Gravity, Ninja, etc. say they have frontend capabilities but they pale in comparison to buddyforms. Frontend is not what they were made to do, and not what they do well…

  2. Oleg Buylov says:

    Plugins e-forms (GravityForms etc) are also used to edit user information. It would be great to edit field users via BuddyForms. The plugin Toolset Cred is there.

    • Sven Lehnert says:

      Hi @Oleg,

      this is a great idea! We could create a “User Fields” form elements extension. With all user field from WP, BuddyPress and other plugins to integrate this fields in a form and update the user fields during the post submission.

      Thats definitely content related, thanks for the feedback! ;)