Custom Community 1.16 out now

A new update to Custom Community version 1.16 is available now.
This update fixes 16 closed issues. Pro and Free version just published.

What has changed?

RTL support has been added!
(tested with rtl tester plugin

Editor styles (both rtl and ltr)

New Feature
open items from slideshow in new tab

Fixed lots of issues

Browse the issue tracker @Gtihub to see what has changed exactly.

Fixed issues

Download the Pro Version here

[product id=”2081″]

* If you purchased Custom Community Pro already *
Simply login here and use the download link for Custom Community in the sidebar as usual. The newest update will be downloaded automatically.

Free Version

The free version 1.16 is just submitted to the WP Theme Review Team and and will hopefully be published the next days.

Download 1.16 Free Version here

Available as soon as published by the WP Review Team:

Thanks to everyone

…for contributing by feedback, ideas, bug reports and more!

What do you think? Let us know in the comments!


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  1. I noticed that after the recent update to 1.16 the “Post Lists on Homepage” feature seems to be malfunctioning. If I have it set to “blog” and “last three posts” then I don’t get the featured posts at the top and instead it just repeats the last three posts within the content section. If I set it to “magazine” The three most recent posts show up as the used to, but then all the blog posts are also in magazine style. Do I have some settings wrong somewhere or is this an issue with the update.

  2. The “Lists Posts under this Page” is no longer working after my recent update to 1.16; no matter what I do it just list the full content section and not the Posts that I have selected throught the categories. Am I doing something wrong, what has changed?

  3. I purchased the Pro version several months ago. However, the pro version has never worked properly for my site. With each new update, there is a bug which has shown up on my site. So I have to continue to use the free version. Can I get a refund or can someone look at my dev site to fix the issues? They are basically the same issues that others are having on their sites. Thanks

    • Hi mhdan, sorry for such a bad experience! A new update is on the way which should fix the annoying issues. To check on your install directly: did you wirte us a support ticket? you can do here in our knowledge base:

      Write us, we can solve that out!

  4. A new CC update is on the way, end of the week we should be testing all the fixes and publish around weekend. Sorry for any hassle!

  5. I CAN NOT GET MY HEADER TO SHOW UP! I like the theme but, it’s cost me way more time than I have to do the simplest of feats. Sent support tickets and gotten ZERO support to date. I’ve tried the obvious things, nothing is working. ALSO, I threw up a test entry with a video and on the top-level page the video automatically starts playing – not set up to do that – and the bottom of the player is duplicated and sits at the bottom of paragraph #2… If you actually click on the post, it will change to that page and everything works correctly… [???????] HELP – It’s costing me $$$$ – Much thanks!

  6. For some reason, whether it is the theme update or a WP update, it broke the theme (and set me to the Twenty Twelve theme saying the current theme is broken). I can’t get to it from manage themes to delete and reinstall, but when I search it on install themes it shows up as installed, and if I hit update from there it won’t do it since the latest version is already installed. I am waiting on my tech guy to see if I can get in via FTP and delete and reinstall that way. Wondering if this has happened to anyone else?

    • Hi Stephanie, did you change anything in the theme files? How did you upload it? As a zip file?

      Didn’t happen to anyone else, please check again with your “tech guy” and let us know :)

  7. Updated and lost all my theme settings. By crawling back through backups, my front page isn’t working at all – won’t show content or side bar etc;

    • Did you update from 1.x or from a pre-existing 2.0.x installation?
      For the first one there is an update script integrated, which should kick in during (re)activation of the theme.

      Thou, if all fails, there is a fallback solution: Aside of releasing this rewrite, we also made the last premium version of cc 1.x publicy available (ie. free for all). The old theme settings should still be around, but to stay on the safe side, create a backup of your database before switching back ;)

      More info is to be found in the CURRENT blog post:

      cu, w0lf.