Custom Community 2.0 – A quick sum-up of what happened and where we are

We still get many support questions about Custom Community Theme and last days I realized I should write a short blogpost that sums-up the current status around Custom Community 2.0.

Custom Community 2.0 = BETA

First off: Please note it is still beta yet, so do not update your live site!

A Complete Rewrite

Version 2.0 will be a complete rewrite, as many new web techniques popped up and it would be simply insane to try to merge all this into the old codebase, which is around 5 years by now and really has become a nice old lady rather than a fresh markup.

So we simply had to make a radical cut to provide a future-proof solution that also meets all the new requirements and possibilities.

This includes aspects like responsive design, using the WordPress Customizer to always provide a live preview of your changes, and many other damn cool things.. :-)

We simply build all the options again, but fresh, better, and with the latest techniques available. To provide you the perfect bullet-proof WordPress theme for your ThemeKraft powered site.

Get Inspired For A 2.0 Version Of Your  Site

This also means Custom Community 2.0 will have a new look and feel compared to 1.x versions.

See the new demo coming here:

Free Base Theme And Premium Extension

The free theme is the base theme for both, free and premium users!

The premium extension provides you all premium features in one handy PLUGIN. So once you purchased the premium extension, just download it and install as a PLUGIN ;)

Get The Free Base Theme Here

[product id=”7605″]

Get The Premium Pack Here

[product id=”7606″]

Will I Need To Rework My Site?

Most updates should go smoothly.

If you just used the options provided by the theme you should all be set for a seamless update.

You will need to rework if you worked with:
– child themes
– custom CSS changes

Update Script Coming

If you update now, it would be simply like switching themes.

If you like the new look, you can do that / try that. (I would try! :)

But don’t update your live site yet!

Just do it on a test install.

How To Update

Best is you copy your live site to a test install if you can.

Once we have finished the new theme we will create an update script so you can simply transfer all your old option setup from CC 1.x versions to the new 2.0

Around 80% of the old options should be possible to transfer.

Few options that have been free before will be shifted to the premium extension (some of them can only be done via a plugin in the future due to new WordPress Theme Review Guidelines).

WHEN to update? WHEN is the new version 2.0 finished?

Yeah we know we have some delay here! But in few weeks all should be finished! :-)

We take all the patience and go through every aspect of the theme to provide a most solid and future-proof theme which you can rely on.

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Any Question Left?

If you still have any questions left, let us know!

Leave a comment here or get in touch with us directly.


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