Custom Community 2.0 coming

We put all experience we got from listen to our community and customers into the new version of Custom Community – to build the software you really want. And we are close to finish a long coding marathon.

A new playground

With Custom Community 2.0 a new area of theme customization begins. CC 2.0 has not only a lot of new features and bugfixes. It will be a new playground for creatives. The theme you were waiting for is just about to be released.

Some highlights of Custom Community 2.0

  • All reported bugs and feature requests solved (~400 tickets)
  • Create your own post and page templates
  • Create your own list-posts templates
  • CSS3 Button Designer
  • Child Theme Creator
  • and a lot more!

Fast forward

We had a lot of ideas since the beginning of this theme and we felt we were realizing them not quickly enough. We were really scared it would take another year until all your initial ideas were realized. So we thought we just skip a long long series of updates and move fast forward with a coding marathon that ends up in a 2.0 version.

See the endless commits at Github.

With CC 2.0 the Themekraft site will be relaunched 100% focused on the new CC eco system with premium child themes, extension market and a premium support base. Read more about where Themekraft itself is going in the blog post before.

Want to play?

For those who are interested in testing and having a look what’s coming up, check out the nightly build version (just for testing, no live site updates!) here:

Custom Community 2.0 Nightly Build @ Github

Thanks to all the people using Custom Community and giving us feedback! You will be rewarded with a great new theme.

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    • Ooooh :( Maybe it was just another plugin or BuddyPress template packs that interferred… If you have technical problems with installation and activation just send email to support [at] themekraft [dot] com.

  1. I can’t wait! I loved the previous theme, but the new creative tools you added would differentiate Themekraft from the others by a huge coding mile.

    Count me in as a new customer.

  2. does this mean i will have to purchase a new verison? i am still having difficulties with the current verisons slider area.

    • “does this mean i will have to purchase a new verison?”

      if you bought the theme for example on 23rd of December you will have download access until 23rd December of this year. Pro version 2.0 will be published during the summer and all people who bought before will be rewarded with extended download access to enjoy 2.0!

      “i am still having difficulties with the current verisons slider area”

      update wizard
      – update to 2.0
      – or “just” update to the bugfixed “old” version 1.9
      – if something doesn’t work out you can ALWAYS go back with a “recover” button

  3. We are very interested in CC 2.0 Pro. Thanks for working on it. Have some questions please:

    a- First wanted to see if there are any updates in the release date?
    b- We want to build a new site using CC but we will have to make some code changes in the current version. So we rather go with CC 2.0 to be safe. Or is the beta stable enough for us to start building? Any recommendation are welcome.
    c- Do you know when\if you will setup a demo site for CC 2.0 to display its features?

    • Thanks for all the interest, we’re working 100% focused on CC.
      To your questions:

      a – As promised, CC 2.0 will be released somewhere during this summer.
      b – CC 2.0 beta is a nightly build version and many things are just not working right now. But I would also start a new project with CC 2.0 rather than the old version. Especially if you have to change some code. But on the other hand, if you have a straight time schedule and a deadline soon, I would not build on the new version.
      c – Sure there will come a demo site – same time when launching CC 2.0…

  4. Jack it-out says:

    Hey guys, it’s almost summer and where is the new CC-pro version? ;-)
    I’m REALLY waiting desperately…

  5. Really looking forward to it. Will also get JigoShop for it. As far as JigoShop goes, do you need a JigoShop store template or can you just integrate a “Purchase” or a “Buy” button on any page and when customer presses the button they would be taken directly to shopping cart that would show in their buddypress account.


    • Hi Adrian,

      not sure if I understand your question correctly, but our Jigoshop-BuddyPress plugin is just an extension for Jigoshop. Means that you have the store installed anyways. But now, when you have a BuddyPress community installed, your users don’t need to register again for the shop when buying a product! Your users have the cart and checkout pages integrated into their profiles and the user base is one.

      Hope this clearifies,

  6. Forgot to ask. Will the new CC 2.0 be a responsive design? That is will it adapt to mobile device screens such as the iPad and iPhone?

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Adrian,

      as the release of CC 2.0 is already a bit late, this is not sure yet. But these features will come latest with the next following version then.

      Hope this helps, Konrad

  7. Is it possible to Upgrade from CC 1 to 2 or do we have to change our site and start from scratch? We dont have any special changes in the theme.

    • Hi Sven,

      if you don’t have any special custom changes (like a lot of CSS or even a child theme with custom php files) all should be working out well.

      (I would recommend to make a backup before updating. That’s always the safest way.)

      We’ll come up with an update wizard integrated in CC 2.0, what means you can…
      – update to 2.0
      – or “just” update to the completely bugfixed version 1.9
      – if something doesn’t work out you can ALWAYS go back with a “recover” button

      Have a nice day, Konrad

  8. Hello,

    There are many capable Buddypress plugins to choose from. Unfortunately, there’s only so much horizontal screen real estate where if you’ve run out of it by activating many of the plugins, some of the tabs will automatically by relegated to second and third rows. This is true of the present Buddypress default theme (as well as all the others) and looks unprofessional. Will 2.0 address this fundamental need? For example, you could provide the option of nesting tabs or implement something similar to Safari where if there are too many items on the bookmark bar, then a double “arrow” shows up (which can be clicked on to reveal the hidden items). If the above isn’t clear, let me know and I’ll try again.