Custom Community 2.0 – Current Status


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Okay, ready to play?

Yesterday we released the Beta Version of the Custom Community 2.0 Theme in our store. Now it’s time to develop the theme together with you!

Become a part of the development process

Custom Community is a community project, so we want to develop it together with the whole community. And we established an easy workflow to realize this:

#1 – Feedback right from your dashboard.
You can download it, play with it on a test install and give us your feedback right from your dashboard, by just clicking a button which will open a form.

#2 – Automatic update notifications, inside your dashboard.
And by downloading it from our site you will get license keys, to get automatic update notifications as soon as a next update is available!

#3 – Let the community vote for ideas.
You can add ideas and vote for other ideas here.
This way we can decide all together where we will go!

We thought this way we can have a real close communication about the CC development together. And we are really excited to test this workflow with you now! :)

So next, please download it from our store for free:

Download CC 2 Beta

[product id=”7605″]

The theme is and will be for free. There will be no “Pro Theme” from version 2.0, but a premium extension for the free theme (means a commercial WordPress plugin). We adjusted our business model to the meet the new WordPress Theme Review Guidelines.

I will explain it now…

The New Freemium Model of Custom Community 2

The Old Model – Free and Premium Theme Versions

In versions 1.x of Custom Community there have always been 2 versions of the theme. A free version and a premium version. We changed this freemium model a bit.

The New Model – Free Base Theme and Premium Extensions

The new premium version will not be a separate premium theme from version 2.0, but a theme extension to the free version. This way you will not have to change your theme anymore but just activate all the premium features!

In short:

Custom Community Theme = The Free Base Theme.
Custom Community Premium Features = The Premium Extension = Commercial WordPress Plugin

Benefits of this model:
  • Faster issue handling.
  • More frequent updates.
  • No need to switch your theme from free to pro!
  • No fear of loosing any theme options because of switching from free to pro!

Simply activate the plugin then and all the extra theme features will appear. :)

One of the main reasons why we needed rework our themes is due to new WordPress Theme Review Guidelines. Please read more about this here.

Beta = Don’t use it live!

Please note it is still Beta and you should not use it for a live install! Just play with it on your dev installs and let us know your feedback.

Updating from 1.x to 2.0

It is a complete different codebase and framework, so updating anything now would not work at all. You would simply switch the themes, without overtaking any old theme options.

But of course we will create an update script to make your switch to CC 2.0 as smoothly as possible! All options that can be transferred will be transferred then. Maybe 50-70% of the options will stay, some will be made different, some will have to go. Main focus on the new CC 2.0 is to have clear and easy options while still keeping things as flexible as possible.

The CC 2 – Premium Extension


p>Custom Community 2 Premium Pack will provide you all the premium theme features like

  • No Branding / Custom Credit Links
  • More Page Templates
  • More Theme Options
  • Widgetized Homepage
  • ..and more! :)

Custom Community 2 will also be ready for the Loop Designer Plugin!

Preorder the Premium Extension now and save 50%!

[product id=”7606″]

When will it all be finished?

Planned release date for the free theme is end of December. The premium extension should be available as beta somewhere in December, and finished in January.

Let us know what you think

Did we miss anything? Do you have any question left? Let us know in the comments!


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