Custom Community 2.0 – First Alpha

There’s a newer post available about the current CC 2.0 status here.

Today we are very excited to show you the first Alpha Version of Custom Community 2.0!

Please note it’s not finished at all! We are at roughly 30% and just wanted to give you sneak preview and something to play with…


The Highlights

  • Based on _s by Automattic and Twitter Bootstrap 3.0
  • Truly responsive, looking beautiful on every display!
  • All Options now with Live Preview in the WP Customizer!
  • Clean design and development starting point for WordPress & Bootstrap.
  • Ready to be customized in minutes! Our original approach!

..ah, why not just take a look by yourself and download it?

Download here

[product id=”7605″]

What’s missing yet?

It’s still just a starting point. So far we didn’t work on the BuddyPress areas, post loops, header and footer widget areas, widget styling options, and some more things. Also existing options like navigation options or layout options are started, but not finished yet. Maybe a few weeks more to be fully ready.

Tip: Test the Twitter Bootstrap Features

Head over to the Twitter Bootstrap demo and see a lot of examples you can copy and paste to try out on your test site!

Preorder CC 2.0 Premium now and save 50%

[product id=”7606″]

The whole story in short.

“Goodbye 1st Generation! It was an awesome time with you.”

Throughout the last years we’ve been working thousands of hours on this theme. Our young startup grew up with this theme. The whole team grew on this theme. And it was a great time to see all these things happen to us.

We started to make the BuddyPress theme flexible by adding the first options, and people loved it! The downloads exploded, reviews were written, and it was a great experience for us to get the chance to work with so many passionated developers and make Custom Community such a feature rich theme framework.

Yes, it felt good being a part of the era of theme frameworks. Custom Community was a great theme framework with lots of users, feedback and downloads. But its codebase comes from one of the first BuddyPress themes and won’t get younger.

Topics like Responsive Behaviour, as well as HTML5 and CSS3, were just at the beginning at this time, if existent at all. It simply wouldn’t work out to try to make this theme a fully fresh new theme by fixing endless side-effects while ripping our hairs out. No! And there are even more BIG topics like the new WordPress Theme Review Guidelines..

Build it. Again. But Better.

To make it really solid and ready for the future, there’s simply no way around building it new. Yes, from the scratch. Based on a fresh HTML5 structure and how things in WordPress are done TODAY. Altogether, there are countless issues to think of that would simply blow any mind and take ages to fix – or… the simple, better and actually only way: make it new. And this new version is the 100% answer to all hair-ripping-issues above.

…and provide an easy update!

The only missing link now: to provide you an update script for a seamless update to the new 2.0 version (as far as options can be adapted of course). We will not rebuild CC with all the exact options – rather rethink some of the old options as this is the time to throw old things out.

Also, some of the options can be reworked in a way to achieve more with less options and/or code. Such issues should not be done “the old way” just to achieve backwards-compatibility… No! We will build the update script and make it as seamless as possible for you to switch to the new theme when it’s ready. :-)

What do you think?

Do you like the new way or not? Where might you see problems? Let us know your thoughts!


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  1. This version destroyed my site. Getting this when trying to access the site: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_DEFAULT, expecting T_STRING or T_VARIABLE or ‘{‘ or ‘$’ in /home/olathorsen/domains/ community 2.0 alpha 1/cc2/includes/admin/customizer-options.php on line 113

    Help please..

    • Hi isak, i hope you didnt update your live site!?!?

      its just an alpha version, so only for testing purposes, as we stated also several times!

      i replied to your ticket in the issue tracker too, lets continue communication on this particular bug over there please :)

      ..and lemme know some more details on the installation you have, you’re the first one with that bug for now..

      thanks for your feedback! cheers, konrad

  2. any updates? am new to buddypress and considering this or x2 premium. I am familiar with wordpress, but have used Ning for social network. I have 4000 members, so am looking for a strong framework. if you were me, which would you choose? I’m kind of overwhelmed at all the features on x2 and it sounds great, but I dont want to be too eager and miss out on this version of cc 2.0

    • Hi Rest Ministries,

      CC 2.0 will take couple more weeks, so if you want to start today I would actually recommend using x2 theme.

      …now, you just brought me on a new idea and I was working today all day on it..

      Here it goes:

      Next week we will launch a preorder package for all those who can’t decide between x2 or wait for CC 2.0.

      The Preorder Package will have x2 included so you can start today, and a preorder for CC 2.0 Premium Features. Plus the Loop Designer on top, which will come soon too, and I can assure you it will be a main part of your site you’ll never want to miss again. Both Themes are working with the Loop Designer seamlessly. This way you can design your loops – and they will be available even when switching your theme!

      So, when you decide to get the x2 theme, I will make sure you will can get the Preorder Package for free when its released. Means you will have CC 2.0 Premium and the Loop Designer Plugin for free when they come out soon.

      Thanks for the inspiration!
      Have a great week, konrad

  3. Will 2.0 be available in a free version also? And when you say you are building it again from scratch (for which I fully understand the reasoning), does that mean that we will have to customize our sites if we ‘update’ all over again? Let me put it a different way – I have created a customized site using the current free version. I update it to the new free version (or decide to buy 2.0) – I customize all over again, or no?

    Sorry if I sound inane, I’m very new to this and wonder if I should resort to child themes? Once I get the site up and running within the next few days I don’t want to have to rebuild it again, especially as there will be a strong following for it, and yet I’d like to have it in it’s best form, if that makes any sense.


    • Hi Holly,

      yes, 2.0 will be available in a free version also!

      Updating is a thing that depends mostly on how and how much you have customized.

      We will provide an update script, so all possible settings will be just transferred to the new theme.

      But: as there are millions of cases, sometimes it will fit seamlessly and sometimes not..

      An example: the new menu will be a different height by default. in this case, a background-color option can be easily transferred, but if you had a background-image before which was exactly 32px high would not fit anymore..

      As there are so many possibilities its not possible to catch all, just trying to catch the most options possible.

      Right now I would guess around 80% of all installations can update without the need of reworking, or just some slight changes to be done..

      Hope this gives some insight! :)

  4. It would be great if the theme could have scrolling social buttons / a social bar on the side (preferably left) rather than installing a plugin separately as most plugins do not position such bars in the optimum way. If you could integrate the share, +1 and tweet buttons it would be a big bonus

    • Hi Lily,

      thanks for sharing your ideas, this is greatly appreciated!

      For the future, you can add concrete ideas directly to our freshly installed ideas forums for CC 2.0:

      There you can add ideas and vote for others or others vote for your idea!

      This way we can decide together with the Community where to go next.

      But for your feature request above, I would not add this functionality to the theme.

      Let me explain why:

      A future proof theme is just a perfect presenter, but should not add any content by itself. This would make you dependend on the particular theme you use and is actually bad behaviour.

      Imagine you have added all your social stuff, and even some Google analytics scripts and SEO stuff, and you add all this via some THEME OPTIONS, and now if you want to change your theme, all this would be gone or broken!

      That’s why things that should “survive” a theme switch, should all be separated into plugins ;-)

      Hope that explains why it’s the better way to have such functionality not inside the theme…

      Have a nice weekend,