Custom Community 2.0 is Finally Released!

It was a Long Journey to Custom Community 2.0

BuddyPress was only available as release candidate, when we released the 1.0 version of the Custom Community Theme. It was a great pleasure and a real success. Custom Community become one of the most famous BuddyPress themes and ThemeKraft was born. From this moment ThemeKraft started to grow and become a small company which build themes and plugins with a strong focus on BuddyPress.

BuddyPress changed so rapidly that Custom Community got into big trouble. In the end, when BuddyPress 2.0 was released, Custom Community started to become totally outdated. We were in the time of responsive themes. BuddyPress templates were not longer necessary to run the plugin nicely.

We did not want to give up the Custom Community theme and that’s why we start to rebuild it – with all the patience and love we put into the 1.0 version 6 years ago. We know that we also tax your patience in the last year relating to the CC2.o – big SORRY for this, but now it’s finally done!

The Custom Community 2.0 version is updated to the newest techniques and totally fresh back!

Enjoy Custom Community 2.0. We have added as much value as possible and didn’t got tired to prove our self. There are just some options left out from the 1.x version which doesn’t make sense this days any more, but many new options are added instead of that ;)

We are very interested to get your feedback and hope that you will enjoy the final version as we do.

The next step is to send the theme to the WordPress theme review team before it will go into the repository.

We have added an update script from the old CC2 version to the new version and we hope the migration process will be as easy as possible. If you update and think, that it does not correspond with your contend of the old version and it would take to much time to conform it to your needs, you can switch back to the latest 1.x. But We hope that won’t be the case.

Download Now

Custom Community is finally updated on github:

Looking for the Premium Custom Community Extension Version 2.0

[product id=”7606″ sku=””]

We will update all product pages, demos and so on now. We didn’t want to hold the final version one second longer away from you as needed.

Your ThemeKraft Team

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    • The update script is testing for specific options, based on the latest CC1 release. If those are not present, the import script will display above message. Which CC1 version are you currently using? AFAIK, all the data is stored in normal WordPress options, so if all fails, even manual export and import should work.

    • Could you tell me in what environment you did install the theme?
      Eg. PHP version, maximum allowed memory (memory_limit), Operating System, server (Apache, nginx, lighttpd, …), shared / dedicated hosting, etc.

      Also, the latest version on github might work better. I did an overnight rewrite of one of the major troublemakers, and so far it did to have helped. Thou if I actually succeeded can only be determined with more testing .. ;)

      cu, w0lf.

      • Apache 2.4.10 Running
        DirectAdmin 1.45.4 Running
        Exim 4.84 Running
        MySQL 5.5.39 Running
        Named 9.3.6 Running
        sshd Running
        dovecot 2.2.13 Running
        pure-ftpd 1.0.36 Running
        Php 5.5.16 Installed

        memory size 128 mb

  1. Guys, there is no pagination. The latest Beta 2 (when was it, in May?) has “Older Entries” and “Newer Entries” links. Your latest CC2 versions from this page’s link and from github (September 5) have nothing to navigate posts.

    How long it takes to fix it?

  2. hi guys, thanks for your work…is it possible to display the fullwidth footer widget area for all users (not only for admins)?

  3. Are you guys alive and kicking?

    By the way, your August CC2 dev Testing Edition, as you name it, has tons of executable files.
    Yes, there are chmod-ed to 755, but, they are not directories, they are just files.

    What’s wrong ?

  4. Is the CC2 final out now or is it still beta (the version from the link above shows itself as “Testing Edition” after installation ).
    On CC2 is not listed yet?
    And where to find the update script for updating my CC page to CC2?

    • Yeah, it’s been out for quite some time. The theme itself is still making its way towards the Theme Review team, but should be up in a bit (read: 1 – 3 weeks). The screenshot has been exchanged as well.

      Just grab the latest version straight from github ;)

      cu, w0lf.

  5. Hi @a,

    thanks for asking and sorry for the silence.
    The new version is ready and will be released during the week. Please see the commits, we are in a rapid development.

  6. I updated to Cc2, I broke my blog. I cry all day. (Okay, not really, but I’ve been very unhappy.) So, I uploaded x2. It didn’t give me the results I wanted, which was for my blog to look like my blog again, which matched my genealogy website, so I paid the money and bought the premium plugin for x2. Better, but still not what I want. I submitted a help ticket not long ago. I’ve been messing with the template and it’s closer, but no cigar. I want to go back to yesterday when everything was almost exactly the way I wanted it to be.

    On a more positive note, I really, really, REALLY loved Cc1. And I almost love x2. Your themes are the closest I’ve been able to come to achieving the look I want for my blog. You’re very talented.

    • Hi onlyarethusa

      I have answered you in the ticket.

      There is a issue in the update script right now and we are on it. This shouldn’t be like this.

      If you need to revert back out of any reason, you can safely go back to the premium version and get a free update to the 1.x version as a 1.x farewell present ;)

      The CC 1.x version is available on Github! From now on its up to the community to update it if needed and keep it working.

      We want to focus 100% on the current theme (ie. CC 2) and thus say goodbye with a big THANK to 1.x! Custom Community was a great success and we believe that CC 2 is going to follow up onto this fantastic road and become even more successful.

      The new cc2 version is much better for mobile and all the settings are in the customiser.

      Please let me know if you have any other question. I like to help.


  7. This is driving me crazy! I have some HTML blocks that showing as one long line with a scroll bar. When I view them in preview mode with other themes, they look fine. Sample below. I can’t seem to fix it with CSS. What’s going on?

    Key: A Major
    Meter: 4/4
    Form: Intro | Verse | Bridge |
    | half-intro | Verse | Bridge |
    | Verse (instrumental) | Bridge |
    | Outro (with complete ending)

    • This is driving me crazy! I have some HTML (pre)blocks(/pre) that are showing as one long line with a scroll bar. When I view them in preview mode with other themes, they look fine. Sample below. I can’t seem to fix it with CSS. What’s going on?

      Key: A Major
      Meter: 4/4
      Form: Intro | Verse | Bridge |
      | half-intro | Verse | Bridge |
      | Verse (instrumental) | Bridge |
      | Outro (with complete ending)
      CD: "Rubber Soul", Track 11 (Parlophone CDP7 46440-2)
      Recorded: 18th, 22nd October 1965, Abbey Road 2
      UK-release: 3rd December 1965 (LP "Rubber Soul")
      US-release: 6th December 1965 (LP "Rubber Soul")