Custom Community 2.0 is Finally Released!

It was a Long Journey to Custom Community 2.0

BuddyPress was only available as release candidate, when we released the 1.0 version of the Custom Community Theme. It was a great pleasure and a real success. Custom Community become one of the most famous BuddyPress themes and ThemeKraft was born. From this moment ThemeKraft started to grow and become a small company which build themes and plugins with a strong focus on BuddyPress.

BuddyPress changed so rapidly that Custom Community got into big trouble. In the end, when BuddyPress 2.0 was released, Custom Community started to become totally outdated. We were in the time of responsive themes. BuddyPress templates were not longer necessary to run the plugin nicely.

We did not want to give up the Custom Community theme and that’s why we start to rebuild it – with all the patience and love we put into the 1.0 version 6 years ago. We know that we also tax your patience in the last year relating to the CC2.o – big SORRY for this, but now it’s finally done!

The Custom Community 2.0 version is updated to the newest techniques and totally fresh back!

Enjoy Custom Community 2.0. We have added as much value as possible and didn’t got tired to prove our self. There are just some options left out from the 1.x version which doesn’t make sense this days any more, but many new options are added instead of that ;)

We are very interested to get your feedback and hope that you will enjoy the final version as we do.

The next step is to send the theme to the WordPress theme review team before it will go into the repository.

We have added an update script from the old CC2 version to the new version and we hope the migration process will be as easy as possible. If you update and think, that it does not correspond with your contend of the old version and it would take to much time to conform it to your needs, you can switch back to the latest 1.x. But We hope that won’t be the case.

Download Now

Custom Community is finally updated on github:

Looking for the Premium Custom Community Extension Version 2.0

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We will update all product pages, demos and so on now. We didn’t want to hold the final version one second longer away from you as needed.

Your ThemeKraft Team

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