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Finally we have something for you that we can call a pre-release for the long awaited CC 2.0. The new version is 1.11, and will be the last version of the 1.x series.

» So what’s new in Custom Community Pro 1.11?

Responsive is here

Yes, you can simply switch responsive behaviour on or off – have a look in the “General” tab of the Theme Settings..

Let us know your ideas or bugs here in the comments or at Github directly:

And there is more to explore in this area.. ;) Great THANKS to Slava who has created the responsive goodness!

Roles and capabilities management for theme settings

You have a new tab with roles management, to decide what roles have which capabilities. Perfect when you want to give your customers possibilities to change theme options by their own easily. Decide for every tab who can change the options.

More styles for post listings in archive and category views

Use our magazine style templates to list up your posts in archives and category views with featured images.

Create your own mystery man

Now there’s an option to use your own default avatar.

Improved SEO and overall site speed

You can choose if your CSS overrides will be written in a static CSS file (and not in the header). It will be saved outside your theme folder so your CSS overrides are update-safe.

Syntax highlighter

Now the CSS tab comes with a nice syntax highlighter. :)

Fixes Fixes Fixes

A lot of fixes for WP 3.5 and for issues reported by users from the community – thanks to all for you help and detailed feedback! Hope you enjoy the new version!

BIG THANKS goes to Slava for all the great work on Custom Community over the last months!

How to get the fresh pro update?

If you already purchased Custom Community Pro and you are still in your download period, you will just have to login and check your sidebar for the download link.


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Free version

The free version will be also updated the next days to 1.11. It will take some more time though until it passed the WP theme review and is published on WordPress. For those who cannot wait, checkout the version from Github directly:


Issue Tracker @ Github

If you have found a bug in our theme and want to make sure it will be addressed by a developer, the best way is to create us a ticket in Github.

We hope you enjoy the new version!

Let us know your thoughts and ideas!


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  1. I recently had a bad experience with a premium theme. I ended up having to rebuild my blog from scratch, so I am a little nervous about trying another premium theme. I am currently using the free version of CC and I am trying to decide between CC Pro and the the new x2 premium theme. Do you have any suggestions? I am inclined to use the x2 theme. Would you mind looking at my site and make a recommendation?

    I plan to purchase the theme this week-end and install it via the WP Dashboard (if that is the right way to do it). Any advice prior to me doing that would be welcome.

    • hi kevin,

      sorry for the late reply! If you want to have all your theme options exactly the same, i would stick with Custom Community, if you don’t mind to change a few things or use x2 out of the box with some minor customization, then i would change to x2…

      hope this helps, konrad