Custom Community Pro Version 0.6 now available

After a complete rebuild of the theme architecture for BuddyPress 1.5.x we are very happy that we are able to release a new 0.6 version of the Custom Community Pro Theme.

Everything works with hooks from now on!

The theme now makes uses of do_actions to add all needed code into the template files. This makes sure, your template files are clean, easy to read, and always just the needed code is generated for your individual needs.


The complete jQuery is rewritten and updated to the last version chipped with WordPress.


We fixed all bugs reported by the community. Thanks a lot for all the help! Without the help of the community which never stops reporting issues and feature requests we wouldn’t be here now.

Fixed bugs

We hope you have a lot of fun and inspiration with the new version!

If you find any bug or you miss something, please give us feedback in our forums or write us a ticket in the issue tracker.

New feature requests


If you have any idea how we can make Custom Community better, just write it on Github or here in the comments and we will discuss together.

Important note

If you already created a child theme with an older theme and BuddyPress version you will have to rework all your template files, so do not update on a live site.


Download Custom Community Pro here:

Look into the future

At last I’d like to give you a quick look into the future development. For now we are planning some exiting stuff.

Full bbPress support

also with theme settings for easy customization.

Themekraft Framework

We will add the new Themekraft framework to give you the possibility to build your own backend admin option pages and create individual theme settings pages for your own themes or plugins.

Child theme generator

to create new child themes from the theme settings page to make customization and updates more easy. We already have build a stylesheet generator so you can ship your child themes without theme settings and with a static CSS file, but decided to test it more before it will come in.


And soon you’ll be able to submit your created themes via backend and share them with the community – or sell them! More news following soon ;)

Jigoshop – BuddyPress Integration

We are about to release the Jigoshop integration for BuddyPress, which is already finished and in last testings…

Jigoshop and Custom Community

We will build special Jigoshop templates for the Custom Community Pro theme. So you can easily customize your shop. With the new Jigoshop for BuddyPress plugin and our theme we will have the powerful shop solution we are all looking for. :)

In the end I only want to say thank you!
Thank you all! It makes so much fun to develop Custom Community with you all together.

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