Custom Community Pro Version 0.7.1

Custom Community Pro version 0.7.1 is out now!

We adapted the theme to WordPress 3.3 and fixed some annoying bugs. The default header image, some CSS fixes and correction of the header’s z-index which lead to several problems before.

We know there is a bunch of bugs left which will be removed with the next update, but before it takes too long, we decided to bring out a version which fixes the most annoying stuff already.

Get the pro version here:

Thanks to the community

Thanks a lot to the community for all the help! Without the help of the community we wouldn’t be here now. If you notice any strange issues please let us know in the forums or directly in our issue tracker @ Github.

Issue Tracker @ Github

Found a bug in our theme? If you want to make sure it will be addressed by a developer, the best way is to create us a ticket in Github.

New Features

If you miss anything or you have ideas how to make it better – you are very welcome to share and discuss your ideas with us.

The best way is to create us a ticket in Github and label it as “New Feature Rquest”.

Here is an overview of all feature requests:

What’s coming next?

We don’t know yet when exactly we will have all done, but these will be the next steps:

Bugs Bugs Bugs
First there’s a bunch of bugs left that will be all fixed for the next version.

The framework will be fully integrated finally! This will bring many new possibilities, for example integrating the 1-Click Child Theme generator and awesome stuff like this! Stay tuned. ;)

Thanks for using Custom Community – we hope you enjoy it!

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