Custom Community Pro 1.12 update

With the last version 1.11 we added a whole bunch of new features and made a big step towards version 2.0, as you can read in the related blog post.

Unluckily with adding these new features a bunch of new bugs sneaked into the code. All new features are deeply tested before releasing, but it seems we have still overseen quite a few bugs. So here’s a quick update with bugfixes.

Download Custom Community Pro

As usual, check your download link in the sidebar here, when logged in.

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Free version

The free version is just submitted to the WP review team and will be updated the next days to 1.11.

Issue Tracker @ Github

If you have found a bug in our theme and want to make sure it will be addressed by a developer, the best way is to create us a ticket in Github.

We hope you enjoy the new version! If you have any issues, ideas or comments you are more than welcome to share and discuss your ideas with us.

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