Custom Community Pro 1.12 update

With the last version 1.11 we added a whole bunch of new features and made a big step towards version 2.0, as you can read in the related blog post.

Unluckily with adding these new features a bunch of new bugs sneaked into the code. All new features are deeply tested before releasing, but it seems we have still overseen quite a few bugs. So here’s a quick update with bugfixes.

Download Custom Community Pro

As usual, check your download link in the sidebar here, when logged in.

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Free version

The free version is just submitted to the WP review team and will be updated the next days to 1.11.

Issue Tracker @ Github

If you have found a bug in our theme and want to make sure it will be addressed by a developer, the best way is to create us a ticket in Github.

We hope you enjoy the new version! If you have any issues, ideas or comments you are more than welcome to share and discuss your ideas with us.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    there still seems to be some bugs left :( but we are already working on it!

    Sorry if you experienced any hassle, a new version will be released ASAP!

    For the future, we will increase development and testing time for new features before they will be released.
    This means new stuff will not be implemented so fast in the future, but therefore as safe as possible!

    ** same for x2 by the way – and a new update is coming here too these days **

    If you have any issues you can report directly @ Github issue tracker, or here let us know here in the comments.


        • No email received so far.

          Can we know the details of this v1.2 update please?

          A detailed blog post will be good.

          Whan to know what exactly has changed or improved since the last release.

          Thank you.

          • Hi,

            maybe check the spam folder? anyway, just login to and download via your product download link, it is the newest version 1.2.

            A detailed blog post will be coming now.

            Sorry for the turbulences of the update before, should all be working now!

            If you find any new issues please let us know so we can fix and publish a new update ASAP.

            Have a great day, Konrad

  2. I have Custom Community Pro 1.9.1 and the slide show stopped working. I downloaded the new version available, uploaded to ftp, renamed the one and transferred the new. As a result, the top banner, menu and alike got jumbled. I think I need some advice on what to do. I’ve since reverted back to the old. When you get back to me I’ll give the website info and ask then if I should just go back to the free version or what to do.


  3. monumentalheli says:

    I would like a refund. I am very happy with the free version, I just wanted access to all the shortcodes. The pro version 1.12 still even destroys my site. sent email to [email protected] unless you prefer another.

    • @monumentalheli, as I mentioned already, we’re really sorry for the last update which has indeed some new bugs that need to be fixed.

      We are working on it and will publish a new update today or tomorrow.

      Making Custom Community responsive brought a few new classes to the HTML which can have side effects on some settings.

      We are analyzing and working the bugs out. For the future we will increase development and testing time before we publish new features too fast.

      Thanks to all for your critical feedback, this will be improved from NOW on – Konrad

  4. Hi,

    Really a great theme. I like it.

    I downloaded the 1.11 beta free version from Github to avoid slider stop working. I detected a small bug in this version, the header logo link seems to go to the “homeurl” instead of “siteurl”…

    As suggestion, it would be nice for a next release to have the possibility to add the “google analytics” scripts from the admin panel directly.

    Another suggestion could be to have a paging navigation like “WP-PageNavi” instead of the “Previous/next page” text.

    But many many thanks for your job and to let this theme free :-)