Custom Community Quick Fix Update For WordPress 3.6

A quick update of Custom Community to version 1.17.2 has just been published. This update fixes a bug in the Theme Settings Page with the update for WordPress Version 3.6. Free and Premium Version have been updated.

Download Premium Version here

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* If you purchased Custom Community Pro already *
Just login at the sidebar over here and use the download link within the sidebar. The newest update will be downloaded always.

Free Version

The Free WordPress Theme Custom Community Version 1.17.2 has just been submitted to the WordPress Theme Review Team and should go live pretty fast! Just 8 themes in the queue right now..

Download 1.17.2 Free Version here

** Available as soon as published by the WP Review Team **

Next update is on the way!

There are some more known issues and a bigger update will come along as soon as possible.

Thanks to everyone!

Thanks to everyone for contributing with feedback, ideas, bug reports and more!


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