Custom Community – update to 1.12.2

Version 1.12.2 is a small bugfix update. Especially nasty bugs related to the content width should be reduced a lot now.

Free Version

The free version on has just been updated to 1.12.2 too.

Pro Version

The Pro Version has just been updated to version CC Pro 1.12.2.

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* If you purchased Custom Community Pro already *
Simply login here and use the download link for CC Pro in the sidebar, as usual.
The newest update will be downloaded automatically.

Next update

The next update will be released very soon again. We are in the middle of another bug squishing marathon.

You can see the fixed issues here:

Browse the commits here:

Found any bug? Want to contribute?

Get involved – Custom Community is an Open Source Project and everyone can give his feedback or contribute code, ideas,.. whatever actually! :)

You are welcome to comment or create new tickets in our issue tracker at GitHub:

Special Thanks to

Special Thanks for help, reporting and fixing goes to
@espoir, @Ko0Ko0, @Frank Warwick, @dcsenterprise, @mariosvd, @spennis, @Melyanna, @HaloDiehards, @Fayj, @Xyno, @Ole K, @jcircle, @slaFFik and everybody else using and contributing to the Custom Community project!

Now what has exactly changed?

  • Fixed the width of the post entry when avatar options are set to “hide”, for default homepage and for archive views..reported by @mariosvd
  • Fixed css of BuddyPress sub navigation (the tabbed menu)
  • Most content width bugs should be fixed now. Checked and fixed for posts, pages, index, archives and for BuddyPress sections forums, blogs, activity, members and groups index (for all setups in resposnive off mode)
  • There are still a few bugs left when responsive mode is enabled, but we’re working through it to have it always look perfect on every device!
  • Added missing CSS classes to the BuddyPress sidebars for group profiles and member profiles.
  • Fixed and tweaked CSS for groups index and activity lists in index, members and group profiles.
  • CSS fixes for the header section for the widget area, search bar and logo.
  • Added a CSS class to bp-ajax-nav when you have too many tabs in the profiles.
  • Fixed BP profile header for “left and right” sidebar layout with customized sidebar width
  • Fixed member profiles margin
  • Little CSS fixes for activity section “whats new” posting area
  • Reworked the function get_content_width() to make it fit in all BuddyPress sections. The responsive CSS still has to be adapted to fit seamlessly on all sizes of screens.
  • Some small fixes for menu and content in different screens..
  • Added some essential quick help in style.css as comments, and a new description.

** All changes made for pro and free version

*** Just noticed I forgot to add the Norwegian translation which just arrived from Ole K.. Coming in the next update!

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