Customize WordPress Post List Templates with a few clicks, with this new plugin

Today we are excited to come up with the first final version 1.0 of the TK Loop Designer Plugin!

With this plugin you can easily customize WordPress post list templates throughout your theme.

This means you have full control of how your post listings look like. For example title, font, and link colors and styling in your category views of your blog. Or the styling of your post entries in any other post listing.

Screenshot Examples

The next screenshot is a great example of the TK Loop Designer in action together with the x2 theme and x2 Premium Extension! See the Special Offers in the main content area, they are made with the Loop Designer plugin:


Looking forward to see more cool usage examples of the Loop Designer! :-)

For Beginners, Designers and Developers alike!

No coding needed at all, except you WANT to hook more things inside ;-)

So, if you are a developer you will love this tool too! It will save you immensely time when designing the loops! Most stuff can be done with few clicks.

And you can create countless loop templates to use. And even import / export them to use them somewhere else again!

What you can do with the plugin

  1. Easily customize the appearance of your WordPress post listings with a few clicks!

  2. All with easy clickable options.

  3. Live Preview of all your changes, in the WP Customizer!

  4. Use provided default templates to start out-of-the-box.

  5. Customize them or create new styles within minutes!

  6. Use your new or customized loop templates throughout your theme.

  7. Manage your loops: Import, Export, Rename, Clone, Delete, Restore,..

6 predefined post list templates

  • image left, content right
  • image right, content left
  • text only
  • image top, grid
  • image bottom, grid
  • image between title and content, grid

Get the plugin here

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Any Question Left? Just ask us!


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