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In a normal company’s lifespan, a lot of work is done, customers are acquired, and problems are surpassed. Also, many products are launched, and because of that many times, some of those products get left behind by time, technological advances, and replaced by substitute products. Sometimes, the support load or the bad coding gets in the way of the products too. Such is the case of Apple or Mcdonald’s, to name very different companies but both with outdated products.

As in any other company, we have deprecated, failed, and outdated products. This is only natural for a company with 10 years of existence such as Themekraft.

What are Deprecated Plugins?

Because of a better product, outdated software versions used on it, or because it’s simply unusable, some products could be labeled as “deprecated“. These products don’t disappear from the database though, and that’s why they must be labeled correctly.

Deprecated product will not have their “User Policy” nor its support active, so it should be used at own risk. These products will be labeled in its home as deprecated and also will be a warning issued to the user.

That a company has many deprecated products doesn’t mean that that company is doing something wrong or that its work is not professional. It just means that they use the trial and error method.

Deprecated Themekraft Plugins

We would like to take this opportunity to mention all the Themekraft deprecated plugins.

This is a list of our deprecated plugins.

  • WooBuddy Groups
  • Attach Posts With Groups
  • Anonymous Author’s
  • BuddyPress WooCommerce Vendors
  • BuddyForms Posts 2 Posts
  • BuddyForms Remote
  • Hierarchical Posts

 You can also see this list on our Deprecated Plugins Page.

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