BuddyForms Development Status

BuddyForms WordPress Front End Editor and Form Builder is still being developed. The Release Candidate 1 is out a while now and we want to give you a quick status report.

Many users ask us when the 1.0 stable version will be ready and released for public use.
We want to answer this in the post to make the development process as transparent as possible.

After the RC1 reached the world, we got much great feedback, suggestions and ideas.
That was a dream coming true. We found a team of users helping to find out what our customers really need.

We decided to take the time we need.

We decided to give the development more time and rethink every part with the user feedback before we create a 1.0 version.

This has 2 reasons:

1) We do not want to make a too early 1.0 version to generate income and then break it all with every update. This happens too often with 1.0 software and we know it from our own experiences with software we use. That’s why we have a special pre-release pack available for the early birds who want to help ;)
2) We want to take the chances and build something based on the user’s voice. We believe this is how things become great and we are very happy to have you all on board. Thanks for this at this point.

What we want to have ready for 1.0

Form import export
Shortcode generator
Notification center for mail notification
Create new field type post_excerpt
Rework the select form field. Make it searchable and add a default value if nothing is selected.
Localisation Strings
Rework the UI

Create a Documentation and How-Tos for users and developers.
Add support into the admin interface.

Next RC Version

We will have a new RC version out in December!

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Become a part of the development process

BuddyForms is a community project – we want to develop it together with the whole community.

And we established an easy workflow to realize this:

Submit bugs and ideas directly from your BuddyForms admin screen.

We added a button to the BuddyForms backend so you can write us with just 1 click!

New Community Forums – Discuss with other members

You can also discuss with other members in our newly created community forums here:

Visit Community Forums

New Ideas Forums – Add and vote for ideas

Add and vote for user submitted ideas. This way we can decide together where to go next!

Visit Ideas Forums

Thank you all once again, and keep giving us your feedback!


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    • Hi Sol – Sven is in the last steps of finishing the plugin now!

      His son was just born few days ago – so this final spurt has delayed a bit again :( but just few days, he is back into code already :)

      So every moment by now BuddyForms could be finished. I strongly guess it’s all finished until Friday now, if nothing really unforeseen happens…

      Hope this gives you a clearer picture where we are at the moment..

      Cheers, Konrad

      • Sol Huebner says:

        Hi Konrad,

        no problem at all. I really like the idea of the plugin and can wait :)

        Can you please answer my main question in the meantime: I need it for a community site where most user will use their mobile phones… so is this plugin and the addons responsive, great for mobile usage?

        Kind regards
        and all the best for Sven and his family

        Sol Huebner

        • Hey Sol,

          sure, I thought I already answered this:

          >> It is for most parts related to your THEME if all looks nice and responsive.

          If BuddyForms elements would be too big or not go correctly inside the wrappers of the theme, then it would be just crap CSS – or some bug you found..

          So, sure it is “responsive”…. :)

          Hope this brings some light into this, cheers, konrad

          • Hi,

            I saw version 1.0 just released?

            But what happend to the BuddyForms Group extension?

            Kind regards

          • Hi @rugwarrior,

            don’t worry, the BuddyForms Group extension will be back in a couple of days as first stable 1.0 release.

            It got removed because of buddypress 2.0 is coming around the corner in a couple of days and I have build it based on the new bp version.

            cheers sven

  1. No problem at all. But I just promoted your plugin and the extensions and then user said the link is broken… 404… uhh ;)