FINAL BETA – BuddyPress WC Vendors

Build a Premium Marketplace with BuddyPress and WooCommerce.

This is the first and final Beta of the new BP WC Vendors.

Nearly two months ago WooCommerce 3.0 was released and many WooCommerce extensions stop working. It was a huge update with structural changes.

Many users told us about their struggles in the last two months. We where surprised about the huge number of users telling us about there frustration to build a Marketplace.


The final collection of plugins for your Premium Marketplace. Bundled and supported in one plugin

BP WC Vendors is not just an extension. It is your solution for your BuddyPress driven Marketplace. All dependencies will be installed for you and you will be guided through the complete setup.

With BuddyPress, WooCommerce, WC4BP, WC Vendor, BP WC Vendors and BuddyForms you have all the tools you need for a smooth setup.



Get 60% discount if you order within the beta week – only until 06 June 2017.


From next week, with the final release of the new BP WC Vendors we will offer a introductory special with 50% discount. You will have one month time to update and pay half of the normal price.


The introductory special will stay for one month until 06 July 2017. So make sure you grab the best discount.

But that’s not enough.


Get the lifetime version, with lifetime support and updates, normal price $299.99, now for only $95. This is the price of one year annual subscription and you pay it once and for ever!


[freemius_checkout name=”BP WC Vendors Pro” plugin_id=”416″ plan_id=”1486″ public_key=”pk_0b28a902c5241cbcb765a554c92cf” button_id=”purchase” button=”GET $95 LIFETIME DEAL NOW” button_class=”btn btn-highlight btn-xlarge”]

Again: Pay $95 instead of $299 for lifetime support and updates. This is a one-time special offer and will not come back. After the 06 July 2017 you need to pay the full price. All specials will end on this day.


Ok, how do I test the Beta?

  1. Download – You need to make sure you download the Beta from GitHub and install it like a normal plugin.
  2. Test deeply
  3. If you find an issue report it in GitHub or create a new ticket from within the plugin settings
  4. Let us know your honest feedback
  5. Info! If you use BuddyForms make sure you update BuddyForms and all extensions from GitHub too.


We hope you enjoy the new BP WC Vendors and grab your pro version today ;) Let us know your thoughts also here in the comments. We count on you!

Your ThemeKraft Team


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  1. The code doesn’t work – it says invalid code when I enter it.

    I ended up buying the “LIFETIME DEAL FOR $99 INSTEAD OF $299” yesteday, but I just wanted to buy the Buddypress WC vendor before 6 june to 60% off….
    What did I buy?? I haven’t downloaded it yet

    The 60% offer ends 6 of June and the lifetime offer ends 6 of july

    • Hi Pelo,

      please write a email to “support at”. Let us know what exactly broke and your WordPress and PHP Version if possible. Did you get any error message?


  2. I did, and still no answer!

    I even tried to send a message to this email address: email address deleted

    Please send me a direct email address

    My site broke down after installing the pro version which I already paid for, so one would think you would take it seriously
    Here is what I wrote 15. june

    Hi Sven

    My biggest issue was when I got activated BP WC Vendors. The whole side went down and I could not log in to neither backend or frontend of my site. I restored site through backup but only after i got deactivated BP WC Vendors manually (FTP) and delated plugin.

    Until I got installed a new version of the BP WC Vendors plugin, my vendors could create new product through their profile site. And now that I got it activated, the function is gone. Through suport from WC Vendors I found out that I’m not the only one with that problem and that I should deactivated BP WC Vendors until fix of issue.

    Here is the old comment from you:

    • Hi Pelo,

      I have edit your comment and deleted the email address. Please do not post my private email address public.

      You can always write to support @ themekraft . com. I answer every support ticket. You can also use the contact form directly from WordPress in the plugin settings.

      I did not receive any support ticket from you. Please understand that mailing me directly is the wrong way to get quick support. Use the normal support channels to get the best support.


    • Hey Pelo,

      I did not get any mails from you. I do support on a daily basis and I wander why you are not able to write to support @

      I have just tested the mail address and it worked. So please try again and write me here after you sent it so I can try to figure out why I not get your mails.


  3. I just did – and we send you a mail from the plugin back-end yesterday.

    you have received my mail so many times – what about writing me a mail!

    Plus, i asked for a link..

    • Hi Pelo, I just got your mail with content “test” so it is working. I have answered in the ticket. Looking forward to get your support request.

      What ever created the issue I’m happy that we have solved it and you are finally able to contact the support.


  4. really???? we got this message from you!! are you sure? please check again.

    We received your email request! Someone from our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

    Thank you!

    • I saw in the help desc that you have read the messages I answered to you and I already ask you why you only write test mails and not any question. I also see that you read my lat message ask you again if you still need help. So to be honest I not understand your comments.

      You keep asking for support but you not ask any question.

  5. I’m using WC Vendors pro and activating BP WC Vendors causes the products tab to disappear in the pro dashboard. I read in your docs where you can disable products tab in WC Vendors but installing your plugin seems to have done that by itself.

    I also see that the pro version of WC Vendors requires the pro version of BP WC Vendors but that appears to be “pay only” with no way to test. I tried Github link but that is the free version. I have a staging site for testing but I’m wondering – how do I test? Thank you.

    PS – entire site is brand new and not public yet but I am using separate staging site for testing.

    • Hi Irv,

      thanks for your feedback, I will make this more transparent in the upcoming version. You are right. The products tab is a WC Vendors Pro Feature and you need BP WC Vendors Pro to display the Pro Tabs.

      The BP WC Vendors Free does work with the Free version of WC Vendors only. IF you want to use WC Vendors Pro Tabs you need also the BP WC Vendors Pro.

      The free version of BP WC Vendors works with the Pro Version but all the Pro Tabs are missing.

      We do not have a demo site at the moment and also no test version but we do offer a 14 days money back guaranty. So if you decide that BP WC Vendors Pro is not for you, just ask for a refund.

      btw. Don’t miss out on this LIFETIME DEAL only 3 MORE DAYS!

  6. Dear sir

    now i just but the BP WC Vendors with 99$ but after i install already, I can not use it full of Feature in order tab and view all recent order at Pro Dashboard of WC Vendors Pro. why does not it work ?

    Best Regard Sir