Marketplace with BuddyPress – WooCommerce and WC Vendors

Today we’re excited to release our latest free plugin BP WC Vendors.

It integrates the WC Vendors Dashboard into the BuddyPress Members Profile and opens a tons of new possibilities.

In combination with the WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration plugin and BuddyForms it is a powerful tool to build any kind of Marketplace with BuddyPress.


  UPDATE – 07 July 2017
BP WC Vendors is finally available as Professional version!

You can download the free version directly from your admin dashboard!
Just search for BP WC Vendors.


Read more about it on



See screenshots of the plugin here.




These 3 plugins together with the BP WC Vendors Integration Plugin will create a seamless user experience for your BuddyPress driven marketplace.


We hope this plugin will help many others to build their BuddyPress driven Marketplace. Feedback is more than welcome. Let us know how it works for you!


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  1. Just released the new version with new features

    Deactivate Links
    Deactivate the “Visit Store” link in the BuddyPress Members Profile Headder
    Deactivate the “Profile Links” in the Vendor Shop Product listings and Products Single Views
    Deactivate the “Sold by” links in the Product Listings and Single View
    Deactivate the “Contact Vendor” links in the Product Single View

    Vendor Store Settings
    Redirect the Vendor Store to the BuddyPress Vendor Profile
    Integrate into Members Profile as new Tab Select the Product Form
    You can deactivate the product tab and use the BuddyForms Members extension to separate the product tab from the vendors dashboard. If you make the product tab a main nav item it is great for showing all vendor products in the profile. Normal profile visitors can see the vendor products. The vendor can create and edit and manage his products

  2. How can I customize the profile options that users will see when they enter their ‘profile’section’ ?

    I would like each profile to have the following as options:
    – My Downloads
    – My Commissions
    – My Sales (i.e., music movies, clothes, books
    – Mp3 & Mp4 players

    I this possible?

  3. Hi Alex, thanks for your question. BuddyForms and all the extensions should work with all themes. If you run into any issue please let us know and we will look into the issues with you and try to make it work. Most of the time its just some smal CSS conflicts and can be resolved quickly. We also reccomend all BuddyBoss themes if you use BuddyPress and of curse all our own themes.

  4. Hello! What add-ons can I use for a marketplace of videos and images directly in the members’ gallery where visitors can access the content published by monthly membership and I as administrator can get a commission for each subscriber?