Write For Us!

This page is our approach on how to manage Guest Posts. We invite you to write for us. Use the form to submit your content. After your first submit, you will get an activation mail with all relevant links and we will review your content before it gets published and give you feedback if it is needed.

Why we did decide to offer Guest Posts?

How often you get a message from someone ASKING if he could write some content for your blog as a guest author?

We here at ThemeKraft get this kind of request every week in our support.

The question is how to separate the good from the bad and give honest authors the tools they need. This question motivated us to find an easy solution to handle this better letting the users write for us.

First we create a mail template in our helpdesk to automatically redirect new requests to a landing page with all need information and the form.

Email template

Second BuddyForms is all about User-generated Content and the form below is one great example of the usage of BuddyForms. We add all views to write and review and manage guest posts with BuddyForms Core – BuddyForms Members – BuddyForms Moderation

AND now we ask you to join our blog and write some content!

Display my exiting posts Create a new Post

What you get from it
You get listed as an Author under your guest posts in a noisy and fancy AuthorBox with a link to your site.

You can link to other sites in the content if it is relevant and not a backlink hack or an unserious link. We will always review any link with care!

What kind of content do we accept?
Content relevant to WordPress of course. The best is if it is relevant to our products and service. We love all content about

User-Generated Content, eCommerce / WooCommerce, Buddypress, Ultimate Member, BuddyForms or any other WordPress use case and plugin if it is interesting :) Also, how-tos or tutorials or developer/ designer relevant topics are welcome.