Guide To Optimise Online Payments For Higher Conversion

Online Payments

Businesses have certainly witnessed the power of technology and innovation, recently. With the onset of COVID19 in the initial months of 2020, countries around the globe implemented lockdown in order to curb the situation with social distancing. With shops shut, businesses with no access to technology/online presence found it difficult to sustain. 

While some SMEs quickly shifted towards getting their websites developed and using eCommerce to reach their clients, others started using the power of social media to reflect their collections to clients. 

From offers to discounts and referral, small business owners tried every trick to keep their business running in these massive difficult times. 

But, how will you sell your product if there is no solution for customers to pay?

This is when online payment management software comes into major play. They give you a medium to let the cash flow into your business even when your clients are far away. 

Don’t just get carried away with the thought that an online payment gateway is enough. This medium requires optimization just like any other process in your business. Moreover, optimization, in the beginning, is always better than after falling in unnecessary hurdles. 

Here is what you need to optimize in order to yield better results:

Protect Yourself and Your Clients from Cyber Crimes:

You’re new to the world of online invoicing and payments, maybe you know very little. But software like Invoicera, PayPal, eBay, Freshbooks ensures a safe transaction for your business. Layers of security induced in the setup make using software like Invoicera safe for invoicing and accepting online payments from more than 30 payment gateways around the world. 

If you have a website, accept guest buyers:

It is important to have a big database, but what’s more crucial is having sales. A lot of times while ordering online, we find out websites asking us to compulsorily create accounts. This turns us off and makes us bounce back. This is general consumer behavior. So you know your consumer’s behavior, now you do not want to commit the same mistake as others in the business. 

Leave the window of guest buying open for your visitors. Politely ask them while checking out if they want an account. If no, let them carry on with their on-going purchases. Sign up or no signup, sales will be intact. 

Overwhelm your clients with online payment modes:

Be open to all the payment modes that your clients can choose from. Give them enough options to conveniently make a purchase. For this, you can opt for a billing solution that offers multiple payment gateways to you. One such is Invoicera. It offers more than 30 global payment gateways that you can choose from to integrate in your setup. 

Let the buying process flow smoothly:

You’re not playing a puzzle, but making sales. Ensure a process that flows easily to payment gateways and then successful transactions. Allowing smoother transactions will ensure lower chances of clients backing out.

In your design/model establish clear CTAs and buttons so that your clients know exactly where to head next. Think like a consumer, not like a seller or an artist. 

Keep track of your inventory:

Do you realize what looks more regrettable? Engaging clients to make a purchase and later illuminating them about stock-outs. Sync your stock with your shopping basket to overhaul the shopping experience for your customers. 

The best is you get acquainted with the modules and backend cycles of your site to have the option to effectively actualize changes and improve the experience.

Benefit Online Paying Users:

Here is a reality, most impulsive purchasing happens immediately. Whenever you let your customers settle on COD possibilities are they may re-evaluate and drop. It is you who need to get savvy and let them pay quickly for their buys. It goes about as an empowering influence to guarantee the deals have been finished. 

To guarantee you’re ready to helpfully set an online payment framework for your site and get payments on the web, get invoicing programming incorporated with your site. The invoicing programming gives you the advantages to acknowledge payments online with coordinated payment gateways and naturally oversee deals and income sheets.

Don’t Stretch Your Payment Process:

The whole cycle on your site was speedy with a savvy UI/UX experience. Presently you simply don’t need your client to be abandoned at the installment page for long. In this way, guarantee that the CVV cycle and the OTP cycle is brisk. You can even request that a client spare their card details online and smooth out the cycle.


A straightforward online invoicing solution is useful in expanding transformations, we have all perceived. Be that as it may, the administration of online payments isn’t simple physically. While setting up a framework to get installments on the web, you can pick an online invoicing software that legitimately interfaces installments, invoicing, and stock to keep your eCommerce site dynamic continuously. 

We realize you’ll currently be straight away googling the receipt and installment the board framework. Hang tight, here is an immediate connection guide to one of the generally favored online solicitations and installment programming, Invoicera. It is a famous decision with in excess of 3 million clients and in excess of 75 dynamic undertaking customization. Indeed, even GoodFirms rates Invoicera the best receipt programming. You should check that out!

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