Huge Changes in the ThemeKraft World

This weekend MachoThemes have acquired the Custom Community Theme, the x2 Theme and the Loop Designer. These products will be developed, supported and maintained from MachoThemes from now on.


  UPDATE – 02 SEP 2017
Meet Larry, Our New Flagship Theme. Lightweight and uncluttered.


It was a great success

ThemeKraft was born as a BuddyPress driven theme company. But during the time we have changed from theme focus to plugin focus and customer projects with custom built themes.

When we started working with WordPress, BuddyPress just popped up and inspired us. We needed a BuddyPress theme ourself, and so we jumped on the train and built one of the first BuddyPress themes with theme options.


Huge theme frameworks became popular

In the early days of our theme career we were convinced a theme should be as flexible as possible and have as many options as possible. We believed in huge theme frameworks and we were excited and proud to have built one of the famous frameworks out there.


Lightweight and fast custom builds

During the time we learned a lot and these days we believe a theme should be as lightweight as possible. We have build the _tk starter theme and use it for all our customer projects.


The freedom of plugins

We also missed the freedom of plugin development at – again and again we needed to rewrite our themes to stay conform with the theme review team. See the article on WP Tavern.

This frustrated us a lot and we changed our mind and how we see our business. Step by step ThemeKraft moved from a theme driven business to a plugin and custom theme driven business.


We have created great plugins like BuddyForms and the WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration.

In the end we decided to sell our premium themes and theme related plugins to have more resources available for our ideas and the products we believe in today.


Happy to find MachoThems

We have been very happy to find MachoThemes who are willing to continue our free themes and acquired all the premium products we built around our free themes.


Just our opinion

If you look into or ThemForest you will recognise that huge “Theme Frameworks” are still king.

The best selling themes on ThemeForest are still the do-it-all themes and huge frameworks with many many options and packed full of functionality. People love theme frameworks and even the Custom Community theme still has 10,000 active installs and a huge premium user base.

We believe MachoThemes can give custom Community and the products around the love these products need and give them a great future.


Time For other great ideas

With moving away from theme frameworks we have more time for our other products and ideas we have in our mind. It’s one step to prepare us for the next run. Stay tuned, we have exciting stuff we want to show you soon.


Lightweight custom themes for one purpose

These days we are great in building super lightweight fast themes for one purpose. Build with one user group in mind and all focused for one audience. We are always staying up to date with the latest techniques like react.js from Facebook and love to use Bootstrap from Twitter. If you are looking for a theme company ready for your next awesome project, get in touch here. We simply gave up on the do-it-all themes and believe the themes we can build today are next level.


Your feedback is welcome 

Like always, if you have any feedback, let us know. We want to hear your opinion! ThemeKraft has always and will always be a community driven company and stay 100% GPL driven. We just changed the business model to continue having fun coming up with cool new stuff! ;)

What Do You Think?