Jigoshop – BuddyPress Integration:
Your Social Network Shop

Demand for BuddyPress eCommerce Plugin is rising

Recently many people have asked us about a shop plugin that integrates well with BuddyPress. In addition many users of the Custom Community Theme would like to add eCommerce functions to their social networks. Until now we could not wholeheartedly recommend a BuddyPress eCommerce plugin. Until now…

For our own shop at themekraft.com we tried WP-eCommerce and many other shop plugins – and finally ended up with s2member. We didn’t fall in love with it.

Jigoshop is the new WordPress Shop Plugin

Jigoshop is a new eCommerce Plugin for WordPress. And it is looking very promising. Lots of other developers already recommend using it. And after reading the code (we really enjoyed that) – we fell in love with Jigoshop and now…

We have built the BuddyPress integration for Jigoshop.

Firstly themekraft.com will be relaunched with the Jigoshop in the nearest future. At the same time we’ll publish it as plugin and make it available on our site.

Themekraft is growing and for the Jigoshop-BuddyPress plugin we could win Boris (travel-junkie) as a dev in our Themekraft team.

What did we do?

We built a plugin to integrate the Jigoshop with BuddyPress and the profile pages.
Checkout, memberdata and payment history is available in the profile.

Now we are in the last stage of testing and we are looking forward to relaunch themekraft.com, which will feature the new Jigoshop BuddyPress integration plugin.

Demo? Check here:

More coming very soon. ;)

What do you think? Share your thoughts with us!

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    • Many people renectly asked us for a good shop solution for BuddyPress. But so far we could not recommend anything that works really well with BuddyPress. As we have fallen in love with Jigoshop, we decided to publish the Jigoshop for BuddyPress integration, see our article here:


    If you get boris – are you also getting buddyvents?

    As far as I know – he comes loaded. Also, since WooCommerce is a direct fork of Jigoshop, one would imagine that its also supported?

  2. Bump!

    I’ve been working on getting woocommerce accounts to be linked to buddypress accounts all week….but it looks like you might be ahead of me. What’s the status?!

    • hi ermejo,

      please check the jigoshop site for more info on that.

      our plugin is just the integration to buddypress!

      i would also checkout the woocommerce plugin more if you didn’t already! ;)

  3. Very interested in getting your Jigoshop – BuddyPress Integration plugin.

    My question is do I need to install a Buddypress Theme on my WP install first?

    Also is there anything else I need (plugins) to get this to operate?

    Total novice here so am I getting into something over my head? I have installed a few WP themes and edited them with success but Im no tech head thats for sure!

    One other thing, can my members submit there own products to sell on the shop? That would be awesome :)

    Cheers Matt

    • Hi Matt,

      yes, you will need a BuddyPress compatible theme and BuddyPress plugin. If you don’t want to customize a lot but just have it working out of the box with a few customizations, it should be no problem. make some test before to see what will be coming up!

      our plugin just integrates the shop with your social network so members can order products in your shop without signing up a second time and also they have all the cart and checkout process in their profiles (when logged in). but it does not provide marketplace features like all your members having their own “shop” on your site..

      Hope this helps, konrad