LIFETIME Deal For $99 instead of $299 – only until 06 July

If you plan to start a Marketplace with BuddyPress, WooCommerce and WC Vendors, THIS IS EXACTLY THE PLUGIN YOU NEED.

BP WC Vendors – Integration Plugin


Get the lifetime version, with lifetime support and updates, normal price $299.99, now for only $99. This is the price of one year annual subscription and you pay it once and for ever!

[freemius_checkout name=”BP WC Vendors Pro” plugin_id=”416″ plan_id=”1486″ public_key=”pk_0b28a902c5241cbcb765a554c92cf” button_id=”purchase” button=”GET $99 LIFETIME DEAL NOW” button_class=”btn btn-highlight btn-xlarge”]
Again: Pay $99 instead of $299 for lifetime support and updates. This is a one-time special offer and will not come back. After the 06 July 2017 you need to pay the full price. All specials will end on this day.


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  1. Dear Themekraft Support

    I am Senith from Cambodia.

    now a day i use the BP WC Vendor (free). i plan to use pro version but i want to ask you about the package ( LIFETIME Deal For $99 instead of $299 – only until 06 July). how many year did you free Life update ?

    Best Regard Sir
    thank you.

  2. Hello i use WC Vendor pro and Buddyboss Marketplace, but i need a other soloution incl. a theme “Buddypress, Woocommerce, WC Vendor pro” i dont have much time to customize and must work out of the box. Other Theme like ……………Marketplace is for me to much work, ………..have you any Demo for me?


  3. Hi Oliver,

    thanks for your interest. There is no all in one solution. We have build countless marketplaces and come to the conclusion that the combination of plugins used by BP WC Vendors is the best and also best to maintenance.

    There are all in one solutions but they are limited in there compatibility to other plugins. We wanted to make sure that we build all based on the WordPress standards and use WooCommerce and BuddyPress instead of other solution to get the benefits of the ecosystem and also the stability and scalability.

    I really recommend you to take the time needed to build a solid and sustainable marketplace.

    We do offer custom development and if you go with WC BP Vendors and his dependancies we can always jump in and help you make your ideas come true.

    BuddyBoss is our recommended BuddyPress Theme framework if you like to have many options. But we believe custom build themes are still the answer. They outstand all other solutions by performance and usability. Most company prove there business model with a theme framework and build a custom solution if the buissenes is a success.

    I hope this answer Helps you Please let me know if you have any question left. We like to help. Best is to create a support ticket by use the contact form.


  4. Hello Sven and Thanks,

    I have a lot of trouble with buddyboss. Microsoft edge problems and much Java problems.
    But it is a nice theme and the integration with buddypress is great. How can i make a different theme for example pasar or pika so make it run with buddypress and woocommerce thats look good?

  5. Hello, I have a question, when I buy a theme (buddyboss is to bugy for me) but it looks good. I like the buddypress integration. When I buy for example this theme is it possible that you can adjust it it has the same function as buddyboss, or something similar? i need that user can share some produkts from the shop, or favorite shops, i use wc vendor plus.If that with your bundle goes would be super, but I think there I need your help.


    • Hi Oliver,

      we have created a theme _tk as starter theme to use with WooCommerce and BuddyPress. We also plan to release new themes in the nearest future.

      In general any theme work with BuddyPress and WooCommerce out of the box.

      Check out the _tk

      We also offer custom theme development. Write us a mail if you like to build a custom theme.

      I hope this answer helps you. Please let me know if you have any question left. I like to help.


  6. Hi, I am trying to buy this lifetime deal using your payment system but it keeps coming back with an error saying that the country code can not be empty. I am in Australia so VAT is applicable for me. Can you please tell me what’s happening?

    • Hi Mac,

      thanks for your feedback and sorry for the discomfort. If you use a VPN try to disable it while upgrading.
      If this doesn’t work please contact the freemius support. ( support @ freemius . com)


  7. Sorry it’s late and I am a little slow – but what exactly do I get the $99 – is it just the integration or do i still have to pay monthly for the other plugins etc