New BuddyForms Beta 3 Available

Thank you!

First of all THANK YOU ALL for the great response, feedback and testing. Without all the feedback we would never had the changes to build the plugin like we do it now!

All the different point of views gave us an overview of the different user cases and this gave us the chance to build it as extendable for all the different needs as possible, right from the beginning.

Now, after a lot of feedback and a long coding marathon I am excited to publish BuddyForms Beta 3 today. It’s ready for testing now.

Download BuddyForms Beta 3

Below are two download links. One for BuddyForms, the core plugin, and the Members Extension to display, create and edit posts right in the BuddyPress member profiles.

BuddyForms 1.0 Beta 3

Download BuddyForms

BuddyForms Members 1.0 Beta 3

Download BuddyForms Members

Changes in BuddyForms Beta 3

1.) New URL Structure

We changed the URL structure, thanks to SEO users who have teached us a better way. ;) Now the URLs are just a lot more friendly.

2.) Attaching a Page

Attach a form with a page in the frontend. This way you provide your users a page to view, manage, create and edit their posts. And all this without the need of BuddyPress and BuddyForms-Members.

This offers all the profile views outsite of a BuddyPress profile. It was possible to use shortcodes before, but this way is much more comfortable. Shortcodes are still a further option, too.

3.) Admin Bar Support

We have integrated admin bar support. Thanks to Slava to point us on this! You can now decide to add a form to the admin bar and let users navigate to their entries and the create/edit screen from the admin bar. If BuddyForms-Members is enabled, the admin bar will point to the profile instead of the attached page.

See it in action :)


4.) New Option “Overwrite the Edit-this-entry Link in the Frontend”

In the single view of the post, the link to the backend will be changed to use 100% frontend editing.

5.) Mail Notification

We have added support for mail notification, but will leave this unfinished for now.

BuddyForms is focused on post forms. And therefore we want to put all our time into the post creation process first.

I will leave the mail/notification development for later and focus on the logic of form and post control first. After the logic is deeply tested, we will put the same patience into mail and notification.

And of course:

bugfixes bugfixes bugfixes

All in all the feedback for BuddyForm is exciting and I’m looking forward to new feedback and bug reports. This Version Beta 3 is not stable yet and only for interested people to help testing and bring the development further.

For Developer

If you are a developer and would like to join the development, just let me know and I will add you to the Github repository.

1.0 Version for Productive Use

Many people asked us when the stable 1.0 version will be ready for productive use.

This is the most difficult question for a developer, but I will try……. If you all continue supporting me with your beta testing, I have a lot of hope to come up with a 1.0 Version around the next 4 weeks.

See the BuddyForms Beta 3 video!


Thank you all! Give us your feedback!


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  1. freelanceexpress says:

    Hi there. I get this error when activating buddyforms: Warning: require(/home/mailnetw/public_html/travel/wp-content/plugins/buddyforms/buddyforms.php) [function.require]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/mailnetw/public_html/travel/wp-content/plugins/buddyforms/loader.php on line 23

    Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘/home/mailnetw/public_html/travel/wp-content/plugins/buddyforms/buddyforms.php’ (include_path=’.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php’) in /home/mailnetw/public_html/travel/wp-content/plugins/buddyforms/loader.php on line 23

    • Hi @freelanceexpress,

      thanks for your feedback, the issue was cursed by a capital letter in the folder name. Some servers are case sensitive…

      I changed all to lower case letters in general but this one I missed ;-(

      I have uploaded the new beta now with lower case letters.

      Should work fine now.

      Thanks again for your testing and feedback,

  2. Hi @All,

    I just uploaded the beta 3 again to fix 2 stupid bugs. I do not want to wait for the next beta.

    first bug is the case sensitive problem on some servers in files and folders. I changed all to lower case letters.

    second bug was a content filter issue where buddyforms was overwriting other page content in some situations.

    Thanks for the feedback and happy testing ;-)

  3. Hi @jenmc,

    this is beta software and not ready for live yet.
    hopefully the first release candidate will be available this week.

    If no new issues occur a stable version is possible for the next week.

    thanks for your feedback.

  4. Hi friends,
    excuse me, how do I install a plugin BuddyForms Members?
    I was give it on ftp, but in the administration it isn´t see.
    Thanks and best regards


    • Hi Juraj,

      you should see it in your installed plugin list and activate it.

      If its not in the list, maybe one file is missing during FTP. Try uploading it again.

      You can also upload it from within the backend in “Plugins” > “add new” > “upload” and then upload it as zip file.

      After activation you should have new options for members in your buddyforms settings.

      Hope that helps you,


      • Hi Sven,
        When I add plugin to ftp, the plugin list is missing. Plugin isn´t see in list.
        When I upload plugin in backend, then web go to collapse.
        I understand, the plugin in the test. I will continue to monitor your website and I’ll try later installation.
        Thanks for your work and also for assistance.

        Best regards


  5. I have buddyforms activated and buddyforms members activated, but nothing shows up in the extension section of the buddyforms panel. I have the same issue with the group plugin. Is there anything I can do to solve this?

    • Please write us a support ticket (right from your buddyforms dashboard!)..

      the developer will get in touch with you there and help you out on this.

      have a great start into 2014 – cheers, konrad