Launch of BuddyForms 2.0 (and 50 % off)

When you have followed us for a longer time, you know that we were working on some big changes in the way our flagship product BuddyForms is used, sold and created. Today we are happy to announce that the new version of BuddyForms is finally in public beta. You can download it from the WordPress plugin directory:

The form builder BuddyForms in brief

BuddyForms is THE plugin when it comes to creating and submitting content from your crowd. Without a login to the WordPress backend they can submit to you blog posts, marketplace data, glossary entries etc. – and, of course, contact data and user registration details.

To create new forms in the backend, we added a Form Wizard that guides beginners in a few simple steps to their first contact, registration or post form.

Form Wizard that guides you through the process of creating a BuddyForm

More advanced users can create forms from scratch and easily drag and drop fields to the desired form. We offer over 20 different field types: subject, message, username, email, first name, last name, password, website, bio, CAPTCHA, text, text area, file, number*, HTML*, date, dropdown menu, radio button, checkbox, taxonomy*, tags, category, featured image*, comments*, post status*, hidden field*) – *are only available in paid versions

Form Builder BuddyForms

The created forms can be embedded in any page or post you like. To do that, you just choose your form from a menu or copy and paste the form shortcode.

The power of accessibility: Content submission and editing via front-end

Konrad’s and my goal was always to make publishing processes not only easier, but also faster for content-driven websites. When we started, there was no available plugin on the market that allowed a beginner to contribute to a blog, magazine, market place or social network website and to publish their idea without dealing with the backend. When we wanted to set-up a community for urban subculture in our city in Germany, we missed that feature or plugin. So we had to create it by ourselves: BuddyForms took its own way, while dealing with bigger clients, we developed a free version that is easily extendable with one of our plugins.

This year we decided to take a different path and bring the development of BuddyForms to the next level. We really believe in the idea of accessibility and wanted to make submitting content via front end available to anyone. To further ensure that you still get the best of our plugin we made changes in our pricing model and the way BuddyForms is sold.

Front end editing BuddyForms

BuddyForms features that make publishing so much easier:

  • Selecting which kind of content is submitted from post forms: page, post, attachment or specific to your theme
  • Controlling moderation of the submitted content by predefining the status: pending, draft, published
  • Enabling/Disabling of the comments section – only Premium
  • Enabling/Disabling users to edit their submitted content via front end – only Premium
  • Listing all postings from one user
  • Setting forms public or non-public to unregistered users – only Premium
  • Creating new user accounts during submission – only Premium
  • Controlling who can create, edit and delete content that is created from a form and even prevent 404 error messages when a published post is set back to draft mode – only Premium
  • Local Storage to prevent forms loosing data when a browser tab was closed by accident
  • Store User data (IP address, referrer, browser and version, platform, reports, user agent) – only Premium

The new pricing models and plans

BuddyForms is still free and will ever be when you need a form plugin that lets users submit contact data, registration forms or content such as marketplace data, blog posts or alike. The difference between free and premium are more form fields and detailed publishing processes such as moderation, user access, collecting user data, post revision etc.

All our plans are subscription-based and come with a discount when billed annually. See our pricing models:

STARTER (3.99 US $/month/single site license) – with email and help center support

  • All Post Types
  • E-Mail Notifications
  • Disable AJAX form submission
  • Extension Support
  • Shortcodes
  • Form Wizard
  • Form Templates
  • Import – Export Forms

PROFESSIONAL (7.99 US $/month/single site license) – with priority email and help center support

  • All Starter Features
  • More Form Elements
  • More Options
  • More Validation Options
  • Manage User Roles
  • Manage Capabilities
  • Posts Revision
  • Comment Settings
  • Post Form Admin Metaboxes
  • Enable Login on the form
  • Create an account during submission
  • Local Storage
  • More After Submission Options
  • Collect User Data
  • Frontend Revision Control
  • Post Status Change Mail Notifications
  • Logged in User Permissions
  • Featured Image Support
  • Registration Options

BUSINESS (29.99 US $/month/single site license) – with personal support via phone, priority email and chat support

  • All Professional Features
  • Personal Success Manager
  • E-Mail Notifications

A note to our current users: Your license keys are still working. If you have any problems with our new version, shoot us a message.

Only available for a limited time: 50 % off our Premium Plans

We value your trust in our product. If you have a content-driven site were users should submit content and you want to use a detailed publishing and moderation logic behind, these days are the perfect time to decide to go Premium. From today, the 25th of October until the 7th of November 2016, we offer a 50 % discount of all our Premium (Starter, Professional, Business) plans. When installed the free version from the WordPress Plugin directory, you can upgrade to a Premium plan from the backend. Just don’t forget to enter the coupon code: BETASPECIAL50

Don’t miss on your chance to upgrade today!

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