New BuddyForms Version and Exiting Extensions

In the last weeks we have released some super exiting extensions and a shiny new version of BuddyForms. It was a busy time and we worked hard to have all in place.

Now it’s definitely time for a write up letting you know about al the new features and extensions.




With the support of ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) BuddyForms is growing into a new space. ACF is by far the most famous and advanced post meta manager. ACF is packed with super flexible form elements and tons of great extensions.

BuddyForms ACF makes it possible to use ACF Field Groups or single fields in a form and use ACF in the front-end. With ACF and BuddyForms you can use the same field sets in the front end and in the back-end. Use all ACF and BuddyForms extensions together and start creating outstanding sites. We believe that the BuddyForms ACF support is one big step bringing BuddyForms into a wide range of possibilities. With ACF any kind of form element is now ready to use in BuddyForms. Please read more about the ACF integration here: We will write a follow up about BuddyForms ACF  soon.


WooCommerce Simple Auctions


BuddyForms supports the famous WooCommerce Simple Auction plugin now.
It’s a great plugin to create any kind of auction site. Please see the plugin description for more information.


BuddyForms Remote

More and more people start using BuddyForms as application form builder and want to use their forms remotely in AppPressor on Facebook or anywhere outside there WP install. With the BuddyForms Remote Extension you can use your forms everywhere. Use it as Toggle or in iFrames with one line of code. You can find more information about BuddyForms Remote here


BP WC Vendors


BP WC Vendors is a long awaited solution to create a BuddyForms driven marketplace. We will support the BuddyForms driven marketplace with WC Vendors from now on.

With the combination of BuddyForms – WC Vendors and – WC4BP you have all you need to build any kind of marketplace. Please reed the documentation for more information.


New Moderation Tools have been introduced. Please see the blog post and video.

Link to blogpost:


And Finale the new BuddyForms Version 1.5.3

BuddyForm 1.5 was a huge milestone and introduced many new features and a new admin UI. Please read the post about the 1.5 version here. The new version 1.5.4 fixed some issues reported after the 1.5 release and is a maintenance release. It does not introduce new features but fix issues reported by users.



  • Fixed a bug in the form builder. The class for the unique check was missing.
  • Update the post if successfully created and post meta or featured images is added to make the custom fields and attachments available on the normal save_post hooks. This needs to be discussed with some core dev…


  • Remove the required option from the status field. The required does not make sense on this field because it always has a value. A post can not have no status.
  • Add new hook_suffix to load the css on the new settings page
  • Add a new filer buddyforms_the_loop_meta_html to allow extensions to overwrite the loop meta
  • Fixed a small issue if new form elements have been created the array should not get sorted
  • update validation plugin – v1.15.0
  • Add an ‘if-statement’ to avoid empty array issues
  • Fixed an ugly validation error where hidden values with required attribute have been validated but could never have a value because they are hidden
  • Fixed an mail notifications delete issue. There was an empty array left if the trigger gets deleted.


  • Add the loop css for the shortcode buddyforms_the_loop
  • Changed help text and layout
  • Fixed some smaller issues


  • Fixed spelling and help text. Huge thanks to Holden for the review and making all more easy to understand!
  • Add new action buddyforms_settings_page_tab to allow extension to add new setting tabs to the buddyforms settings page.
  • Add new filter bf_admin_tabs to register the settings tab and label.
  • Fxed a conflict with userpro using the same function name sortArrayByArray changed to buddyforms_sort_array_by_array


What is coming next?

For all of you waiting for the BuddyForms ‘Post in Groups’ Extension we have great news. It’s in rapid development and already available on Github for testing purpose. It will not take long and you can post together in groups and moderate posts in the group

We have many ideas and enjoy all the feedback. We plan to create a survey to find out what extensions you are in need of mostly. So let us find out together what we build next.


We hope you find the new extensions and improvements as exiting as we do. Let us know your feedback in the comments.


What Do You Think?