New CC2 Beta – We have learned a lot.

Today we’d like to get your assistance for a final testing round of our new CC2 theme! We had an unfortunate delay during development, and to be honest didn’t expect the cc rewrite to be such a huge deal…

Oh, but it is!

Rebuilding and constructing into the new CC2 has been no easy task. It’s been a while that we’ve looked at code from the original (OLD) cc theme, and while there are certainly many important complexities built-in… there was certainly room for improvement. With this rebuild we were prompted to build out the new CC2 utilizing more modern coding techniques and up-to-date standards.

We offered a PreSell special and many users started helping us with their purchases of the PreOrder special.

But we did it wrong again and again, we miscalculated how much time we actually needed and some customers naturally got really frustrated.

We sincerely apologize and are scolding ourselves for knowing that we should not have done this PreSell Special or even mentioned a release date.

But we love CC2 and take into consideration all the feedback you send to us. Through this experience we’ve learned HOW we should be releasing new major product updates. We promise to never make the same “newbie”mistake again… EVER!

To speed up development we’ve brought on an additional excellent developer to the CC2 team and welcome Fabian on board. With his joining our team, we are now one step closer to the final release.

All the original CC1 options are included along with an all-new slideshow. The BuddyPress and Woocommerce plugins will be released separately to keep the theme as simple & small as possible; as well as to be in line with the WordPress theme review guidelines, which now ask for this functionality be moved to plugins.

Today I want to ask you to test the new beta as thoroughly as possible and stay with us in this last beta round.

The customizer is full of options just asking to be played with and we’ve also created a new slideshow featuring a brand new design (though you can always switch styles back to the previous slideshow if you like). We really hope you will love it as much as us.

Again, we are DEEPLY SORRY for the delays in development process and we learned a lot. We are a young company and we made a mistake. We cannot change the past. But what we can do is MAKE CC2 REALLY FREAKIN’ AWESOME and bring you a theme like never before.

As we speak, the best developers from the Themekraft team are currently working on CC2 to finish up and release as quickly as possible.

With your beta testing, feedback and issue reports, we’ll have a stable release in the nearest future.

Download the latest beta now here: Download Now

Submit issues right from your admin dashboard and tell us your ideas!

We love what we do and want to make something outstanding. Our goal is set so that we will not accept it to be done quickly and even work long hours to rewrite the code again and again, until its 100% ready. Without your feedback that can never be possible.

We’d like to thank all the users who stand behind us, providing great feedback and waiting so patiently. BIG THANKS, it feels great to have such a community! Believe us when we say; it feels really bad to make some of you unhappy, hope we can change your mood in the future.

Your Themekraft Team

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  1. Well, well. For all of us who love CC and have got a lot of useful help in the past – we just cheer you up and wish all the best for a new CC that is as easy and functional as the old one. Greetings from CPH.

  2. Hey.

    I have been playing with Beta 2 since February. In other words, I know what I am doing when I customize CC2.

    Guys, your Beta 4 won’t play animated text captions at all. Believe me.

    Please look into the matter.

    Thank you.


    • Fabian Wolf says:

      Oh, believe me, we – esp. I – do know. That’s the part that gave me the most hassle, ie. which got more and more unreliable while adding back all the bells and whistles known from cc1. Ah well, let’s see whether I can avoid the rewrite or not .. ;)

      cu, w0lf.

    • wabbitsurvival says:

      I would also like to know about the page width options. We use custom community with a considerably wider default width, which required quite some messing around to get to work properly, and still makes things go a bit odd when resizing the page (not too bad considering it’s a glorified forum site).

      I was hoping this new properly responsive version would make this work properly, but I cannot start to test content until I have a version of the beta with the option in! Assuming this matter resolves itself, I really like how this new beta version has turned out, well done guys! Really do need that container width option though (and I mean non inclusive of the sidebars. Our main content area is 1000px maximum due to our displaying a full featured simple:press forum!).

      • Hi Maciel and Huxleythecat,

        thanks for your feedback, you are absolutely right. This options needs to go in again.

        The reason why they are left out for now is that we use twitter bootstrap grid for the theme responsive functionality.

        See here for more details:

        We need to think about this implementation carefully.

        The sidebar is created with grid columns and the max with depends on the display used.

        To change the content or the sidebars width can only happen in the logic of the grid columns.

        If you want to have the site width bigger or smaller than the bootstrap 1170px for larger displays, than you need to keep in mind that your design is only viewable like this for people with large displays and falls back to the grid logic on smaller devices.

        For the responsive functionality, we use Media queries:

        See this example of how it can be done.

        @media (min-width: 768px) {
        .container { width: 750px }

        @media (min-width: 992px) {
        .container { width: 970px }

        @media (min-width: 1200px) {
        .container { width: 1170px }

        with this logic you can then change the look and feel of your site and make it truly responsive.

        But this also means, that your design for large displays will switch depending on the display size.

        I hope I could make it more clear.


      • BTW: This has been incorporated as “advanced bootstrap settings” in the Theme Customizer, so no more need for “CSS hacks” like the one mentioned by sven below ;)

        cu, w0lf.

    • Great ;)

      We’re currently testing the final version, to avoid having any nasty bug hiding in-between.
      Also, I’m finishing the cc1-to-cc2 update script, which should be done (including tests) by Monday .. so I guess the final release might come out next week ;)

      cu, w0lf.

      • Dr Jim Ruether says:

        I am looking forward to CC 2.0. I see by your earlier comment the script is ready?

        If not, do you have a date?

  3. HI – great to discover both _tk (starter theme) and CC2 … looking forward to further exploration. However, what I haven’t discovered, in either, is some basic page template options (e.g. blog etc). Am I missing something? Thanks for any pointers…

  4. This is complete garbage. It won’t display, period. All I get is a blank white page. I changed the tag line and uploaded some images for the slideshow. Waste of time, Total and absolute garbage.

  5. Took my first look at CC2 today. My first out of the box impression was that it looks pretty simplistic. Not impressed at all. I wouldn’t be here today if CC1 looked like CC2. I’d much rather keep using CC1. I noticed that you spent a lot of time on the slider. I stopped using your slider a long time ago and I have no intentions of returning to it. There are a lot of other great responsive sliders that work easily with WordPress. I’d drop that whole idea if I were you. I’d like to see a more compact out of the box look. The menu styling is too large. I purchased the pro version of CC1 but when I found that I’d lose all of my setup in switching to the pro I decided to wait a while and to be honest I never returned. and the pro version is still sitting there in my theme’s directory waiting to be activated.

    I’d vote for returning to CC1 and dropping the slider idea and adding the plugin to provide the pro version as an optional enhancement. Of course, I know your not going to do that. I wouldn’t if I’d spent as much time on it as you have. But from my standpoint it looks like CC1 was the “C” version and CC2 was promised to be the C++ Version but it looks more like the Visual Basic Version to me.

    I’ll keep on playing with it a bit and if I change my mind I’ll let you know even if it means eating some crow. They can’t taste that bad…Can they?

    • a) First things first: Actually, we didn’t spend THAT much time on the slideshow. It’s gonna get a complete rewrite in CC 2.1 anyway. I’ve taken over development AFTER that was already said and done, so no use delaying the official release with that.

      The original idea behind it was to give inexperienced – or just straightforward BUSY – users the chance to have a proper slideshow available out-of-the-box. Also, it should be easily enhanceable, so you could basically plunge in any kind of other slideshow (java)script. In its current state this works only with rather simple scripts. Complex stuff like Swiper, Cycle2 or Jssor Slider is rather difficult to near impossible to add.

      Maybe I even get the chance to add proper content sliding. Plus like a gazillion of action and filter hooks. Mostly for developers delight, thou. Having had to work with “premium” themes purchased for clients at ThemeForest and similar market platforms, I can definitely tell you: A properly working slideshow solution, which one can still dig into and enhance it, that is easy to use for the user as well, is just sooo much more fun than having to run around and show your non-tech-savvy client how to use this or that specific slideshow plugin.

      Of corpse, nobody hinders you to use any other nifty slideshow script, like Meteor, FlexSlider or the bestest nastiest one of em all, ie. Rev Slider.

      b) There is no such thing as a “best” programming language. Basic has its advantages, esp. VB, and, back in the days, PowerBasic. C++ is, in many cases, NOT better than C. Let’s not talk about C#.

      Aside of that: The customizer does offer you an excessive amount of options and settings to adjust your installation to your own tastes. About 95% of the settings and options found in CC1 have made it into CC2, plus some nifty enhancements that weren’t there before. Also, lots of stuff happening in the premium plugin. And if all of that fails, thanks to smart hook placement, you should be easily able to enhance it all by yourself. The WooCommerce way of placing hooks has had a great influence on this, so if you ever have worked with that plugin, or just anything related, you’ll easily know your way around ;)

      cu, w0lf (so-called developer).

  6. Joschua Boehm says:

    Hi Guys,
    I am trying out CC2.2 on a number of sites. Works fine on 2 and has a problem on 3.

    I put the description over here since this is the support forum on WP for the theme.

    If anyone can tell me why the right sidebars are missing from the widget list in the customiser and then also missing from the page I would be really keen to find out. I like CC2.2 and would like to stick with it.

    Best Regards


    • Oih… Oodelz of (undocumented?) fun. It’s not the theme that is faulty, but WP and its bloody Theme Customizer (again).

      Apparently the full monty of widget customization is only available under Design > Widgets. Inside the customizer, you will only get those sidebars which are visible in the Preview Frame RIGHT NOW.

      Check out this behaviour for yourself by changing the Sidebar Layout for Pages (yes, WP is handling the front page as a regular page as well) inside the Customizer from Left to Right Sidebar, take a look under the “Widgets” section (still inside the customizer, of corpse) – and tadaa: Magically, the right sidebar appeared. And after switching back to “left”, its also switching inside the “Widgets” section. Works with the “left and right” setting as well.

      Very Microsoftian, this one. It’s a feature, nay? *eyerolls*
      Yay for feature creep!

      cu, w0lf.