New Site. New Products. Blasting Weeks.

Now that were blasting weeks, or better, months! We’ve coded and designed like insane throughout the whole summer, and as promised, we came up with a lot of new stuff and it’s all happening right now. So let’s step in, we have a thousand news for you:

New Site

First off, we had to relaunch our site to make all the new things possible, like license keys and automatic update notifications in the backend! And we didn’t want to publish all the new stuff on our old site with having to move everything again then.

So on the way, we put some efforts to relaunch the design as well and make the site more friendly and easy to use. * We hope you like it!


After a tricky and trouble-some migration, we managed to move our site just in time and open the doors just a few hours before we started our journey to WordCamp Europe. Whew!

New Products

At the same time, we published a whole bunch of new products that were just waiting for you:

  • BuddyForms Front End Editor
  • BuddyForms Members Extension
  • BuddyForms Groups Extension
  • CC 2.0 Pre-Order Special
  • The Loop Designer – WordPress Plugin
  • _tk – Free WordPress Starter Theme

New Download Links

If you asked yourself where to find your download link now:

When logged in, click on your avatar in the header and click on “My Downloads”.

* If your download is missing and you think something went wrong, please let us know!

New License Keys

We provide license keys now.

You can find your license keys in your member profile in the tab “Shop” -> “History”. Or simply click on your avatar in the header and select “My License Keys”.

For all new orders new license keys will be created automatically.

For all the existing orders with valid download rights new license keys should be created by a script, too.

If it didn’t work out for you, you can click on your avatar in the header, then click on “Lost My License Key”.

Important Note:

The products are not fully ready for license keys yet. Updates will come now so you can add your license keys in the backend then.

Don’t worry!

Your products will all continue to work if you don’t have a license, you just won’t be able to get support and updates anymore.

New: Automatic Update Notifications

When you’ve added your license keys in your backend, you will get automatic update notifications in your backend as soon as there is an update available! As you are used to it with WordPress itself.

New Documentation

We will have a new site for the documentation of all our wordpress themes and plugins.

There will come new detailed documentations for every product, with screenshots for every step.

The documentation for TK Google Fonts is already finished. The rest documentation is about to be created within the next weeks.

Check here:

Changes in Support System

We have to shut down personal email support for free products, which was obviously nice-to-have but not possible to further establish for the future. So now the HelpDesk email ticketing system is 100% premium support. This will help our support team to handle the support requests faster.

Free Support takes place in the community forums at for the particular free theme or plugin. We help out in the WordPress forums in our free times as much as we can, too.

Please make sure to check the documentation before.

As soon as you purchase any premium product in our store, you’ll get instant access to our HelpDesk with Email Ticket Support.

Prepare for the Future

With all these changes we can move on and be prepared for the future. We want to ensure being able to provide high-end WordPress themes and plugins, regular updates, and fast support.

Alright, now that was almost all. ;)

Two issues left only:

Special Cases: CC Pro and x2 user

All customers with currently valid download rights for CC Pro and x2.

Don’t worry, we will take care of you and grandfather you in to the new stuff!

There will come an extra blogpost about that.

So, that was loads of info, but spreading this into 4 blogposts wouldn’t make it less information.

We hope we could make everything as clearly as possible.

What’s Next?

Within the next days-weeks all should work smoothly on the new site. If you find anything that’s weird or should be corrected, please let us know! Give us your feedback down here in the comments or create a support ticket as you are used to it.

What do you think? What’s cool – what’s fail? Let us know!

What Do You Think?