New Version 1.4.1

We are happy and thrilled to announce that a new version of BuddyForms is ready to go! It’s the first (of many) version we have released on the new site. The new 1.4.1 version brings a lot of exciting improvements and features that we know you will love and enjoy!

We have been working hard to make this journey from 1.0 up to now. BuddyForms has turned out to be great success, which is why it is standing on its own feet independently. It was time to detach from ThemeKraft and give BuddyForms its own home, and with that change we have also allocated a separate development team for BuddyForms, which means more progress, quicker support, and most importantly — more ways to use the plugin.

BuddyForms has grown from having 1 guy doing all the work, to having 4 people on the team helping the plugin to grow and flourish. We have been incredibly blessed to have such a great team of beta testers and customers who have been working closely with us, and never getting tired to give us their ideas and leave their concise feedback so that we may improve the plugin beyond our own vision.

Because of that, we want to express our deepest gratitude to all of the BuddyForms community for being with us during this transition time, your belief in us makes us believe in our product and the vision of it even more, which is why we have decided to focus on it full-time. Thank you, you’re the real rockstars behind all this!

What’s New!

The new 1.4.1 version has many cool improvements and updates.

A improved UI in the Form Builder.
Ajax Form submission functionality.
New Featured image and File uploader is using the WordPress Media uploader.
Super great validation options to define what data is entered. Such as min and max value.

This release is quit big. Check the changelog for all changes.

We hope you enjoy the new BuddyForms Version and the new Site.

Your BuddyForms Team

== 1.4 ==

  • add a new filter buddyforms_wp_login_form to the form
  • add check if submitter is author
  • fix a bug with the form element title. in some cases with other js conflicts it was possible to delete the title tag.
  • Add new options to the form builder to select the action happened after form submission
  • rewrite the form.php and add ajax form submit functionality to the form
  • add nonce check to the ajax form
  • build a work around for the wp_editor shortcodes issue. Need to investigate deeper why the shortcodes are executed. For now I load the wp_editor content with jQuery
  • fixed smaller bugs reported by users
  • add help text
  • fixed a types conflict in the form builder
  • add post_parent support
  • add ajax for post delete
  • removed the old delete function
  • removed the old delete rewrite roles
  • only display posts created by the form
  • small css changes and clean up the css
  • changed the-loop.php
  • Add options to change the Form Element Title
  • rewrite the addons section and load all BuddyForms Extension with a buddyforms search from
  • changed the featured image function to work with ajax
  • add file and featured image ajax upload
  • add wp_handle_upload_prefilter to check for allowed file types
  • fixed a checkbox issue if attribute id was empty
  • start adding deep validation
  • add new option hidden to the taxonomy field
  • add an ajax form option to the form builder
  • start adding validation to the form
  • fixed a bug with the featured image upload
  • add required option to the content form element
  • fixed a bug in the taxonomy hidden form element
  • fixed a bug with the allowed post type in the media uploader
  • fixed the after submit options. It was not working correctly
  • add new option to the title to make it a hidden field
  • fixed an issue with the edit link options
  • changed the url to the new site
  • rewrite the jQuery to make the button handling work
  • add stripslashes to the form elements
  • fixed delete featured image issue
  • add beautiful validation to the form ;)
  • Super nice validation options for every form element max min and message ;)
  • Admin UI improvements
  • removed the old zendesk support and link to the new support system
  • add new option to the file element to select supported file types
  • adjust the form messages
  • clean up js
  • clean up code
  • finalise the new ui

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