New Version 1.5 with Improved Admin UI and Tons of New Features.

The 1.5 Version is a MAJOR release. We have changed a lot. Please read the update instructions!

We switched from option based admin UI to a post and post meta based Admin UI. This brings us many benefits for users and developers. If you haven’t followed the development, please read the latest post about all changes we have done.

New BuddyForms version with complete improved UI and tons of new features is coming soon!

Important Update Notice

This is a MAJOR update. Please test all forms and form elements carefully. If a form element does not work, delete it form the form and add it again. This should fix the form element in most cases.

If you use the WooCommerce Form Elements extension:
All form elements needs to be removed and added again. We rewrote the complete WooCommerce Form Elements extension and a manual update is needed.

Review Logic
If you use the Review Logic extension, please remove the form element. It’s not needed anymore. Please select your moderation options in the new global form meta box instead.

We will be there for you if you get stuck.
The new version comes with a tons of new features and improvements. Please take the time and check them out and test all. Please feel free to contact us with any question or if you got stuck during the update. We are looking forward your feedback.


  • Add new filter buddyforms_the_loop_edit_permalink to change the loop edit permalink
  • Add new filter buddyforms_after_save_post_redirect to change the redirect url
  • Add a new do-action buddyforms_process_post_start and buddyforms_process_post_end to add multisite support.
  • Add a new column shortcode to the form list
  • Fixed a css issue. The css for the loops was not loaded if used in shortcode
  • Add new shortcake bf
  • Change the form action logic
  • Add class button btn-primary to the featured image form element
  • add new hook buddyforms_post_edit_meta_box_select_form
  • Add error message text to the settings.
  • Fixed a small issue in the settings if no form is created
  • Restructure the loop.php template
  • Hide the form if ajax redirect
  • Adjust the error handling and make it a global variable
  • Add ‘editpost_title = none’ as default to make ‘save a post without a title’ possible
  • Remove the field type as class to avoid conflicts with other plugins and themes css
  • Regenerate the global on transition_post_status to remove trashed forms or add them again if restored
  • simplifier the js
  • rename function edd_sl_sample_plugin_updater to buddyforms_edd_plugin_updater
  • Handle field types now like slugs and sanitize_title before save option
  • Fixed the taxonomy issue if single select and create new together creates two tax also if only one was allowed
  • Create a settings page and move the license page in there
  • Add new option to select a default form for every post type
  • Add new option to filter the list posts
  • Fixed radiobutton and checkbox and featured image… was broken from UI rewrite
  • Fixed an issue with title required
  • Fixed an issue with the validation if a – in the form slug
  • Return the merged args arrays after buddyforms_after_save_post
  • Handle form element types as slugs use sanitize_title
  • Recreate the forms global after every form edit
  • Add some checks from fresh install testing issues
  • Fixed a bug with the capabilities js select all
  • Remove old unneeded js
  • Prefix all js css classes to avoid conflicts
  • Rebuild static function set_globals() automatically generate form elements slug if empty
  • Rebuild admin credits. Hook into BuddyForms edit screen
  • Rebuild the way how the $buddyforms global is created to reduce query’s
  • Add a new option ‘After Submission’ redirect to user posts list
  • Add a new hook to wp_login_form -> buddyforms_wp_login_form
  • restructure code to reduce query’s deleted unneeded functions
  • Add .bf_hidden_checkbox to show hide options
  • Rebuild the ‘select’, ‘checkbox’, ‘radiobutton’ form builder form elements.
  • The ‘title’ is now a normal form element and can be removed. If no title is set, none is added as title. Same for the content. Use bf_update_editpost_title or bf_update_editpost_contentto to set the title or content dynamically.
  • Switched from horizontal to vertical tabs
  • Update to the latest ‘select2’
  • Add a new filter buddyforms_after_save_post_redirect to manipulate the redirect url
  • Taxonomy form element loaded default term dynamically now via ajax add select2 to the form builder
  • Create update script for the update form 1.4x to 1.5
  • Rewrite the complete admin ui
  • Fixing issues from the rewrite
  • Switched from options based to post based system
  • Removed bootstrap and switched to WordPress standard elements
  • Createv the new meta boxes for the Form Builder
  • New readme file to work with edd
  • Clean up the code
  • Inline documentation
  • Many small fixes and improvements


A HUGE thanks to the community!
Lorraine, Holden, Tom, Alex, Ali, Nifemi, Kishore, Alan
Without all the feedback, Help AND HOUERS OF TESTING you spent into BuddyForms, I had never been able to come so far. It’s a pleasure to have you all on board!


What’s Coming Next?
After the release we will focus 100% on building extensions for BuddyForms. We have huge ideas in development. Check out the extensions we are working on on, if you are interested.


Update Information about all Extensions
All extension changes, update notifications, Instructions and the documentation will follow during the week.


We hope you enjoy the new BuddyForms version as much as we do. Please leave us your feedback in the comments. Or contact the support if you run into any issue.

Your BuddyForms Team

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