New Version 2.3 of WC4BP supports the latest WooCommerce 2.4.x

WooCommerce has changed his endpoints again in the latest version.
This changes broke the checkout integration. To fix this issue we needed to create a new tab checkout in the Member Shop section to have the cart and checkout separated.

Before, if you wanted to remove the checkout, you needed to remove the cart tab and add the cart back via shortcode.
This can be done now with one click thanks to a new option to turn off only the checkout and keep the rest in the profile.


The checkout will only get displayed if there is a product added to cart.

What has changed? See the Change-Log:

  • Add the /history/ slug to wc4bp-redirect. Was deleted by mistake in the latest version and cursed an issue if the history order details were displayed. Thanks to Bharat for pointing me on this.
  • New checkout tab added to BP profile to resolve the conflict between cart and checkout section.
  • Added settings for checkout tab.
  • Add the checkout top navigation.
  • Fixed the sync option when wc4bp checkout manager is installed.
  • Added admin message for all dependancies.
  • Small code refactor
  • Added filter for tabs.
  • Added filter for profile nav links.
  • Added fix for checkout order receive issues.
  • Fixed xprofile delete issues.
  • Fixed xprofile update and insert issues.

What’s next?

We plan to move WC4BP to its own domain to give it a home for the community and write and give help all around BuddyPress and WooCommerce. We will keep you updated ;)

We tested all deeply before the release, but please test all carefully after the update and let us know if you run into any issue or have any other question or feedback.

Your ThemeKraft Team

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