New Version of BuddyForms comes with Visual Composer Support: Auto Generate Title and Content options and more!

Today we are very excited to release the new 2.0.11 version of BuddyForms. The new version comes with a bunch of useful options like auto generated title and content support such as full integration of the visual composer.

Empowering visual creativity with the Visual Composer addon.
The Visual Composer is used by over 1.5 million WordPress users that makes building pages easy with drag and drop. It is our goal to enable anyone building forms and pages which is why we combined both strengths of BuddyForms and the visual composer that helps you saving time for generating titles and content. From this version on, BuddyForms is ready for the VC Community!

How it works: Auto Generate Title and Content
Based on customer feedback we created a functionality that helps you to quickly add an auto generated title and content. Therefore it is very useful if you want your users entering pre-written and already existing informations.


This short video shows you the auto generating feature in action:


In this updated version we made following changes to improve the plugin:

  • Full support for the Visual Composer
  • Add new loading overlay animation
  • We fixed creating mail notification triggers in the form wizard.
  • We fixed the submit button from stopped being working
  • If the redirect is enabled and the form is set to ajax, we make sure that the ‘after submission message’ gets displayed
  • Scroll to the top after submitting a successful form with ajax
  • Add some field type management. This will get improved soon. It’s a starting point
  • Add new options to generate content
  • Create a new function to replace form fields easily by slug and shortcode [field_slug]
  • Add a new option to the title to auto generate it from other form elements
  • Create a new option in the taxonomy form element to select a placeholder text
  • Add an ‘is_admin’ check to the post meta saving function, to avoid deleting meta while saving from the admin editing screen.
  • Get the page_on_front and exclude it from the query. This page should not be used for the endpoints
  • We removed visual composer elements from the BuddyForms editing screen
  • Add an extra check to make sure JavaScript validation is only running if at least one form exist.
  • Set the BuddyForms post type public to false. There is no need to access BuddyForms directly
  • Add the post id to the buddyforms_user_can_edit filter. If we need more attributes it’s time for a arguments array

With this improvements we just levelled up your BuddyForms experience, please give us feedback if you find the new options useful.

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