New Version of the Custom Community Theme Submitted to the Review Team

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Hi Everyone.

We are very exited to announce that the new version of the Custom Community theme is finally committed to the review team!

We have been in rapid development the last year and now have finally submitted the Custom Community 2015 edition to the WordPress repository.

It is a final moment for which we all have been waiting for sooo long – ergo: Let’s welcome CUSTOM COMMUNITY 2 2015 Edition!

I know, we all thought it would get faster into the repository. But with thousands of active Custom Community 1.x users, we had to take this step very seriously and needed to make sure, that the update is going work for everyone of you like a charm.

Here is the ticket to the newest version. Let us all hope that the review team like what we did and will give as their go sooner than later.

We have created an update script to make the transition from CC 1.x to CC 2.0 as smooth, easy and comfortable as possible.

However: If you decide afterwards, that you want to switch back to CC 1, we got some great news for you. We have decided to give something back to the community, ie. the latest Custom Community 1.x Pro version and made it available on Github. Totally free and ready for you. So if you need to revert back out of any reason, you can safely go back to the premium version and get a free update to the 1.x version as a farewell present ;)

The CC 1.x version is available on Github! From now on its up to the community to update it if needed and keep it working.

We want to focus 100% on the current theme (ie. CC 2) and thus say goodbye with a big THANK to 1.x! Custom Community was a great success and we believe that CC 2 is going to follow up onto this fantastic road and become even more successful.

We will keep you updated on the review process and celebrate the official release, as soon as the theme has been approved by the Theme Review Team.

Many thanks for all the feedback, criticism and help. Without all the great knowledge of the community around CC2 we would never be here.

If you want to become a beta tester, just add yourself to the custom community newsletter.

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Your Themekraft Team

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