New Version of WC4BP Checkout Manager comes with Conditional Visibility Options

This is a very lucky moment.

The WooCommerce BuddyPress Integration Checkout Manager got a new feature sponsored. Huge props to Tristan Penman for his contribution bringing this functionality to live!

Tristan worked on the WC4BP Checkout Manage in the last weeks and come up with some exiting pull request.


Allow the Visibility of Xprofile Field Groups on the Checkout Page to Depend on Certain Products (or Categories) Being Present in a User’s Cart.



If you ask yourself why this could be useful read the example from the pull request.

An example of how could this be useful is an online store that sells a mix of physical products and memberships/subscriptions – when a membership or subscription product is present in the cart, you could require the user to fill out additional BuddyPress Xprofile fields.


And that’s not all!

Tristan also made customisation of field group headings shown on WooCommerce checkout pages possible.

The PR adds support for two levels of customisation of the field group headings on the checkout page. The first is through a filter, allowing a plugin or theme to register a hook function that can alter the string before it is displayed. The new filter is called ‘wc4bp_custom_checkout_field_group_heading’.

The second is through WordPress’ built-in i18n functionality (i.e. the __ function). This is achieved using a default hook function for the ‘wc4bp_custom_checkout_field_group_heading’ filter. The translated string is used as the format for sprintf, so that the structure of the heading text can be changed via a translation file.



Link to the PR’s on GitHub

Link to the Plugin on

Updated Documentation


We are really happy about the community contributions for this plugin and also want to thank Garrett Eclipse, Waseem and Solhuebner for the work they have done.

We are exited about the new features and hope they are useful for you. Please help us testing and find issues. Let us know how it works out for you and how you use it. What problem does it solve for you?

Best place for reporting issues is here!

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