New x2 Theme Update v1.5

x2 is back, better than ever!

This is the x2 theme update to version 1.5. It is a completely bugfixed all-in-one version of the theme for all of you who are waiting for an update. Here it is ;-)



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* If you purchased x2 already *
Simply login here and use the download link for x2 in the sidebar, as usual.
The newest update will be downloaded automatically.


We fixed all bugs known or seen during intensive testings.
And all the code looks beautiful! :)

The header area is completely reworked and a lot of issues were fixed here. This *could* bring some minor update issues if you did a lot of CSS customizations here already. But now the header is really clean and neat and works in every constellation with widgets and menus!


New Features

We also added some new features!

New Option: Header Logo Position

You can choose where you would like your header logo to be positioned now. Before the header widget areas, after the widget areas, or directly in one of those!

New Options: Top Menu Styling

Style your top menu with many options via some simple clicks. Now you got all the same options for your optional top-menu as you got for your main-menu below the header logo!

The New Theme Extensions Admin Page

Manage and download supported theme extensions directly inside your dashboard now!

Simply go to your dashboard to Appearance -> x2 Extensions

There you can see which free and premium plugins the theme supports.
And you can download them there directly! :)


Some screenshot previews for you

Complete new tab full of styling options for your top menu:


One of my big header test runs ;)


New admin page for supported theme extensions!


Some features will have to go

Deprectaed Shortcodes

Some shortcodes are set to deprecated already. What means they will still work until version 2.0, but you should not use them and replace them somewhere within the next time. The deprecated shortcodes are Facebook Like Button, Blockquotes, Buttons, Break, Clear

Note: shortcodes in general will have to go sooner or later. They will all come back as a separate WordPress Plugin, so that they are not dependent on the theme and will not break your layout when switching your theme. Besides they will work with all WordPress Themes then!

List Posts Functions and Loop Designer will become a WordPress Plugin

The Loop Designer for WordPress that has been introduced in version 1.2 will be reworked and come back as a stand-alone WordPress Plugin ready to work with all WordPress themes.

This also includes all List Posts functionality, like the “List Post Widget” and the “List Posts below this Page” Metabox in pages.

But don’t worry, everything is still there and working now. Just when the Loop Designer and List Post Module will be released, we will remove the functionality from the theme and provide you a smooth switch to the plugin. The Loop Designer Page is already gone, but if you created custom loops before they will still be there, just frozen. You cannot edit them or design new loops right now.


More Important Notes

This will be also the last All-in-One version update before we start to separate all plugin functionalities of the theme into single WordPress plugins.

Everyone who purchase(d) the x2 theme still as All-in-One solution, will get free access to all new theme extensions that will raise out of the x2 theme, including updates and support for 1 year. And this will be a bunch of premium plugins coming soon! ;)

We will be able to provide a smooth update/switch to the plugin-driven theme-version once all the plugin functionality is separated into single extensions.

If you didn’t read the blogpost, please read here how and why we rework our themes.

We have already started with reworking the x2. But before all this happens we want you to have a stable x2 All-in-One version.


What do you think? What do you need?

Do you rather like the All-in-One Theme? Let us know what you think about this!


What Do You Think?